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This weekend has brought me lots. On Friday we girls had an auction where we brought clothes we never wear, or we just don't want to be caught dead in. The things that no one else wanted we gathered in a big plastic bag before Ingrid, Maris and myself skateboarded down to one of these huge dumpsters where clothes go to people who need them more than we do. This little trip gave me a nice pair of infected scabs on my knees, since my skating ability is not tip top. So Friday night gave me lots of laughs, a pair of tears and some new clothes.

And today I went to celebrate my grandma, and she made a deeeelicious dinner and dessert, but that was expected. I love her cooking because she makes all her meals with lots and lots of love. Anyhow, the point is she's moving out of her house into a smaller appartment soon, so I was allowed to go on a little bit of a treasure hunt and take whatever I wanted! And since I love everything retro and vintage (pretty much everything, at least), this was tip top and it made my day. Have some pictures of the material goods this weekend brought me:



1 This top isn't really my style, but it has a lot of really beautiful details, and I have great plans of using it and making a very nice top. Keeping clothes with lots of potential if one of my bigger projects, and when I have enough potential, I'll take out the sowing machine and get started. Sometimes I think I have way too many projects going on, and I fear that I'm not as creative as I imagine myself to be.

11 This suitcase looks better than on the picture. It's really red, and I love it. I'm not gonna bring it to London, but I can't wait until an opportunity bids to use it! Perhaps I'll bring it when I move this fall.

Three bags in different shapes and different sizes, and match different parts of my wardrobe, and they are all in perfect condition, which is amazing seeing that they're all about 20 years old.

15-19 A pair of pure awesome sunglasses that she gave me a while ago, I felt that they belonged there. Two very cute old fashioned wallets to keep my coins in (my fake Luis Vitton wallet is filled with notes, receipts and paper in general, so I can hardly have any coins in it). A fine mirror to bring eith me when I'm on the run. A very nice key (I collect them, don't ask me why, 'cause I don't know) and then the two pieces of Italian jewlery which she gave me for my birthday a few weeks ago. They are hand made, btw.

20-21 Books and paintings I took from my late granddads study. He fell ill when I was pretty young, so I can only remember fractions from when I was a kid, I know I loved him very much though, as well as I love my grandma. Anywhoooo, looking through his things sort of makes me learn a lot about him that I didn't know. I found oil paint, and lots of books that seem wonderful, in addition these to oil paintings to which I have reserved a spot on my livingroom wall. The parrot is a broidery my mum made when she was young, which gives it emotional value as well.

22 Three postcards. I know this seems like a funny thing to keep, but it appears that it's from my granndpa I've got my interest in collecting clippings, post cards with people portrayed on them - Found millions, but didn't have the patience to look through them all. Figured I'd enjoy myself with them some other day.

23 Sorry for the crappy picture quality, but this just needs one word of explanation; amazing. There's a spot ready on my wall right above my head.

24-26 A green shirt that looks better on me than it does lying on my bed. A high waist white shorts, and a knitted vest that looks a lot like my
Moods of Norway vest.

27-28 A white, high waist skirt that flows very nicely around when I spin, and a green dress that is unflattering to my body shape, but has lots of potential!

29 My favourite item. It's soft, it's got ethnic-like broidery and mathes the new bags I found. Can't wait until the air is warmer, and I can wear it!

Next time, I swear I'll order the photo's properly into one photo, but I couldn't be arsed right now.

Cheers for now

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