Let it snow

So, today I woke up (extremely tired, headache and no voice - after five cups of warm milk and honey I can push out weak whimpering sounds) with the best view ever. Everything else was forgotten (until I got out of bed of course).

It's snowing

Yes, amazing. So it turns out that my 1316 CHF investment in a new board, new bindings, new pair of snowboarding pants and a season pass at the awesome mountain somewhere close to me was a success! Pretty sure you wanna see ooor?
Well you have to.

Front/upside (I dunno). Burton board and Burton bindings (they have cute little clouds on them, but I forgot to take a photo of that, and obviously I'm not gonna do it when I already loaded the photos)

Back/bottom (again, I dunno), pretty much the same as the front, just that it's girly! I finally have a ladyboard (when I snowboard I look like a man, so I need a ladyboard). And I've also named it Princess Peach (yes, after Princess Peach in Mario).

Me and my h-sister Hannah. My jacket is the Volcom jacket I bought last year, the pants are my new Volcom pants, and her jacket is her new Volcom jacket. There's no way anyone is gonna look cooler than us this winter!

And I have three more photos from Italy (taken by Claudia - my host mother)

The little person in the middle of the photo is me. First night (seeing as I'm taking photos and my batteries died the first night) And it's taken from their bedroom window. We were nicely placed to say it at least!

Pizza photo from pizza night. The photo doesn't show the actual size of the pizzas, because the grownups hadn't gotten their by then. But if you see the big white plate I'll explain that the pizza was about twice that size. Huge pretty much covers it.

On the way back we had like a trip to different cities in Tuscany. In this photo it's raining and yes I had shorts on. It was warm and not raining when we left. And don't worry, I'm Norwegian, we tan all the way through December, so I was just reaching for those last few rays of UV-light. (hehehe - I crack me up) Right here we are in Volterra, yes the city where they filmed a little bit of the second (or third or whatever) Twilight movie. Didn't change my mind, I found the town gorgeous before I knew. I actually liked it a little bit less after I found out, because then I started noticing all the Twilight stuff that was literally everywhere.

I really like Gnarls Barkley. Right now he's my It man.

Oh yeah, btw, I have a surprise for you. I might post my first videoblog soon. Exciting or what? I might do it tonight because I can't go out, there really is no reason for me to go out since I can't really talk to anyone. I can whisper. And whispering isn't always as funny. Bluh. Feel sorry for me bitteeeeee (<---for n00bs that means 'Please', but normally written min one 'e')

And check out this song. The Embed is disabled so I can't post the vid here. I love that song too.

Cheers for now


I would also like to say that it's really cool that people comment on this (even though I already know then,hih). Every blogger (lol, feels weird calling myself a blogger) says this but blogging without comments is not motivating :-)))


Aaalright! Two days ago I came home from Italy. And wow, did I enjoy it. Italy has to be the most beautiful country in the world. At least Tuscany the most beautiful place I've seen (haven't seen the world yet).

Every year my family rent a small house at the beach (it's a hotel like business), based in San Vincenzo in Tuscany. I still got to see more than one part of the region; Pisa, Florence, Volterra and other places I can't remember the name of. But it was extremely pretty there too.

Me and my sisters on the first night. We tried a million times and this was still the closest we got to a jumping photo (without any of us looking awfully ugly - and I'm a nice person and won't post photos like that (hahah, good one)).

Everyday we chilled at the beach, swam in the ocean, hung out by the pool, played beach volleyball (or other games), ate Italian food, did nothing and went to bed with a ton of sand in our bed. We also did some shopping (I did some serious shopping) and I got to know people and at the same time got to know my sisters even better. It was an awesome week.

I mean, we really didn't do too much, so I don't have so much to tell; we spent long days in the sun, we ate lots of pizza and pasta, played a lot of poker, got to know people, got eaten alive by mosquitos (I had 34 bites on the way back). It was a relaxed vacation, and when I think of it we did pretty much the same every day.I'm uninspired to write, but I have photos to show. Perhaps a little show and tell is better (I think so). And we all know photos makes everything more fun.

This beach literally lasts forever. There's no end to it. The closest we came to an end is at the volleyball net, and that was a 15 minute walk (and you still couldn't see anything but beach) - I often preferred running or playing soccer, much more fun.

A few of thuh gaang. Good gang. Like 'em. Found out that two of the guys I got to know this week in Italy are in my English class (extreme advanced fancy schmancy English class, that is). Highly embarrassed that I didn't find that out until after spending 4-5 days with them. But they look different in shorts. That excuse works. Either way, they were very helpful, because they speak great English, and could help me every other word when I needed it.

Let me bury my toes in this sand every morning for the rest of my life, and I won't complain anymore.

More of the peepz. This was on pizza day. I'm serious, pizza day was pizza day. It's without a doubt the biggest pizza I've ever seen. Evuuuurr.

Sunny in the sun.

The look of a very typical Italian street. They all look the same, but every city has it's own special way of making them look, so they don't look like that either way.

This photo is really cool. Just imagine how cool it would be if the sun was placed right in between my legs? (hehehe, sun between Sunnys legs - gosh I'm funny)

We went to Pisa, it really leans, but apart from that (and the fact that it's beautiful architecture), there's nothing special about it.

Am I artistic or what? Yeah, I took this photo. Post card anyone?

Also, I thought I'd share with you what I've bought while I was here. I mean, blablabla yattayttayaytay it's not too interesting and very typical girl blog with "omg, I totally bought this and have to show it to you" but believe me, there are a few special someones called my parents who would like to know what I spend money on. And I haven't spent too much, no worries. I have a lot left.

This is bought in Switzerland. A dress, a bolero and an awesome swimsuit I used in Italy. A small brown bag that works with pretty much anything and a necklace that I use as a bracelet.

Three pants. One for snowboarding, one that I'm probably not gonna use (dark denim isn't really my thing, dunno why I bought it) and a pair that I like a lot already, wiuwiu! Also bought a blue pair sometime I was in Zürich, so now I don't need any more. I have abooout (this is where I use my fingers to count) 6 now. It'll do.

All the accessories I bought in Italy. Would say I'm sat for the rest of the year now, got a pretty deecent collection. Satisfied! (haha, will end up buying more though, I always do, but it's small and often cheap, so accessory is okay) Also bought two..erm, things for my wall. But I dunno if I'll give them away as a present to a certain someone or not..

Clothes for going out. I dunno. Looks alright or? I'm trying to become a lady, in some way. Here's a dress that sparkles, a top that sparkles, a kinda funky tank top in some way, would spice up anything boring. And a very girly scarf, with roses and pink. Woop wopp. A lot of black here, weird, I'm starting to wear black again.

Here we have two bags and two pairs of shoes. Yet again in black, but also very fashionable (trust me, I've read enough magazines to know). Boots and booties, check me out, wearing something other than sneakers!

A blazer (needs fixing, but was very cheap, so I don't might fixing it when it's cheap), a huuge scarf and a grey cardigan. I have pretty much the exact same in black, but it's being washed.

A cool vest (I've gotten addicted to spikes and so), another grey cardigan and a huge jacket that looks cool and makes me look fat. Woop.

Apart from that I'm currently enjoying another week of vacation before I start school again.
(I just noticed that it's easier for me to talk about my clothes and stuff than about what I did in Italy.. Priorities?)

Cheers for now