Well then!

Said and done! I asked Hannah (my hostsister) if they had a cable that would fit my camera, and guess what! She did! This is a PP / story post. Because every picture has a story! Cba to put the photos in order, so it'll all be rumbled up.

I have been the luckiest girl in the world! Not a flattering picture of either of us, but this is (one of) my amazing host sister! I've only been here for a week, and already I trust her and love her! I couldn't have asked for a better family!

One day on the way back from Zürich I took out my camera, the window was dirty. But this is pretty much the view everywhere, apart from the fact that it's better. The photo sucked because a) it's taken in supertrainspeed and b) through a dirty window.. what I do love even more about the scenery is how the clouds don't drift in front the mountains, they just sort of lie on them, adapting to their shape. It's amazing, like it's resting and peaceful!

This is the entrance to where I now live. I think it's the coolest entrance ever. I don't know if the Marti's have given the man a name, but I decided to call him Indo.

This is the room to my door! They made this for me and I think that's so sweet! I love my door!

One day (actually many days) we stayed back in Zürich to look around (and because the weather was amazing), so here is the river in Zürich, where they do kano polo, as in water polo but with kanos!

The tram. It's convenient, take it anywhere. It's alright. I like you tram.

On the tram it's not allowed to bring a saw and saw on the seats! heheh

The view I woke up to this morning after spending the night in the B-H in Linthal with a bunch of cool people!

Just in general the scenery is beautiful. I can't begin to describe the amazingness about this country. At all. I love it here, and I'm just starting my second week. It's gonna be a great year.

Cheers for now



What a week it has been! Learning German has been easier and at the same time more difficult than I thought it would be. Haven't posted this week, but I'm gonna tell you that it's fuckn uninspiring to write about what I'm doing when I'm missing my camcable. It stinks. I will see if I can get a hold of a cable to use, and after that I will tell about what I can, after memory.

Apart from that; Everything is g-r-e-a-t! I love Switzerland, and I feel like this is where I belong.

To avoid a completely boring post; here's a picture of a very cool old man:

Cheers for now

Då va ej i gang.

Greit, no skal ej skrive på norsk for første gang. Jepp. Jauda. Ej he ingen fine bilde å vise dokke, for ej hekkje kabel til kameraet mitt. Men her e nydelig! Ej e veldig forelska i Sveits. Skal snart legge mej og sove mi 4. natt her, men ej føle mej allereide som heime! Første dagane va her en festival i Glarus som heite Sound of Glarus. Det va drittfett! Mykje raggae, litt blues, litt funk, litt rock, litt soul og mykje kjekke folk! Finst ikkje bedre måte å starte året på!

Familien min e fantastisk. Foreldra mine e kjempekjekke og ej he fått umiddelbar kontakt med begge søstrene mine. Huset e kjempekoselig og sjarmerande og på rommet mitt he ej et stoooort skap (hehehehh).. som ej gler mej til å fylle opp.

Det e berre å være missunnelige. Ej forstår det veldig godt!

I dag begynte ej på et tyskkurs i Zürich. Hittil ekkje det vanskelig, men læreren vår e.. ikkje norsk - altså ganske streng. Heldigvis he ej havna i ei kjekk klasse (mistenke at det e "advanced"). Og ei jente frå..Hong Kong/Japan/Thailand heite PowPow! Daniel frå Ungarn lærte mej at powpow på ungarsk betyr rompe. Og so fekk vi lættis i timen. Hehh.
Spør mej spørsmål om det e noke dokke lure på, for ej e uinspirert til å skrive!

Zürich, en helt fantastisk fin by! Spesielt i sol og nesten 30 grade C!

Forresten; sjokoladen her.. smaka Freia melkesjokolade! Hoho!


Hello from Switzerland!

Well! Now I'm here! I'm sitting in "my" bed, in "my" room in my new home in Engi. I love it here! Even though I didn't have high expectations, this has surpassed my wildest dreams! And I've only been here for two days! Everything is great, my host parents are great, my sisters are great, the village is great, the people are great. Fantastic! For once I have taken photos of the view from my room (which is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G), but it turns out I forgot to pack the cam cable... I had to laugh when I found out, because I thought I had everything. Turns out I didn't!

Instead I made a crap video with my crap cellphone for you to see!

In a little while I'm going to an AFS meeting where we will be informed of.. I dunno, everything. So no time to write a long post! Tomorrow I will start going to Zürich everyday for a month to learn basic German, and then I start school! I'm so excited!

Cheers for now

"It's not good, it's not bad - it's just different"

After this post I don't think I'll be bothered to blog anymore until I'm either on my way to Switzerland or already there. All I know is that now, when I look over at my bigbigbig suitcase filled with all my favorite things, I'm thrilled. I've taken AFS's advise and I'm not filling myself up with expectations, but I can't help being excited. I leave in 3 days. I have 3 more nights left in the country I've lived in and known my entire life. I'm like a little kid but this is way better than Christmas eve and my birthday all together! I've been exchanging mails on Facebook with one of my host sisters (Lisa) and when I arrive in Glarus there's a music festival there, she asked me if I wanted to go and really I can't imagine a better way to start my year! I love music, and I love festivals and I have a very good feeling about my year! Also I'm no longer confused. Excited, excited, excited!

I'm like this

And when a catchy tune is on I'm like this

And I also feel like this

Other is that when I started packing my suitcase, I for once decided to do it properly - so thorough that I wrote a list of everything I put in my suitcase! Just because I'm thinking I might have forgot something I'll write down everything I'm bringing, and if there's something vital I need to bring; dear God tell me. Thankies.


My Volcom jacket for snowboarding, a raincoat and a blue winter coat for more festive occasions. Two light outer jackets; one blue and one grey with a cheetah print. My trainers, a pair of sandals and a my new flip flops. My eight favourite pants and four favourite bras including my favourite sports bra (relax, I will by more underwear). Two pairs of woolen socks. four light scarves, one buff, one knitted neck and two hats; one purple (fav) and one brown (for snowboarding). My black swimsuit, two swimming caps and my fav goggles. Eight pairs of tights; training, blue, purple, flower printed, zebra printed, woolen and two grey nylon ones (one dark and one bright). A high-waist black skirt and a colourful dress. A vintage vest, waist belt and hippie shirt. Two large grey sweaters and one tight fitted one. A pair of grey/red/white/anything else shorts, a pair of high waist black shorts and my denim shorts (fav). Two black tank tops, three white ones, a green tube top, two white tops, one plain white tee, two coloured ones (bought in London) and my new green Puma t-shirt. A woolen undershirt (a musthave during cold winters anywhere). My navy blue cardigan, two brown belts and a bikini.

This is what my room has looked like these last few days


Disposable razors - so that I'll not become a beast until I get a proper one. A Buddha jewlery box with my favourite rings and necklaces in it. A silky Chinese bag with all my bigger necklaces and bracelets in them. Eight books; a book about Sunnmøre, The Alchemist, Jane Eyre, a how-to-macramé book, A Beggar in Jerusalem, Ian Dierach and Papillion (which I'm currently reading). Seven videos; My Audrey Hepbrun collection (a three piece), Miniscule, Mansfield Park, Le Destion Fabuleux d'Amelie Poulain and Jane Eyre. Eleven CD's; Two Bokkereidards Blues Band CD's (my dads' band), Minor Minority, Jamie Cullum, Michael Bublé, U2, two Kanye West CD's, Bloc Party, Blondie and Garbage. The beautiful stationary I got from Susanne today, my external hard drive and my portable ipod speakers.

Things I'm bringing but are not in my suitcase yet; a pair of jeans and a pair of harem trousers (are they called harem trousers in English?), presents for my host family, my new hairspray (I had to buy one in Sweden because it was too cheap), various chargers and technological stupidities, anything I can't bring through customs (my tiny and very unsharp yellow scissors) and any other things I would've forgotten - because I've definitely forgot something.

Bye bye Norway!

Other I just took a round in town with my dad (looking ever so cool on his Harley Davidson) saying goodbye to aunts and uncles and my godparents before leaving. Tomorrow I'm saying bye to my friends at school and of course my beloved, fantastic and worlds best grandma! It'll be a hectic, probably a little bit emotional last day in Volda. But as I said, I'm excited, excited, excited!! (<--Two exclamation points!)

Cheers for now



Today I woke up around 8am because Gizmo was crying uspstairs. He had to pee. And he also had a lot he wanted to do; play, bite, have a trip around the garden 3 times, pee indoors, bite more, cry more, and finally go to sleep after two hours. He's lucky he's dead cute, cause if not he'd never get away with such behavior.

Right now I should be cleaning my room, I should be packing and getting everything ready, I should be doing a lot of things. But I'm not in the mood to do anything. I'm too confused, and I don't think I've been like this before. So I decided to do some window-shopping; on the internet! One of my favorite hobbies. I can feel my scholarship lying on my bank account just crying to me to spend it on all those amazing things I see, but I wont, and feel pretty proud about it.

All images taken from these online stores; TopShop, Chap n Ile and Mon and from Ebay.

My wish list

A nice collection of tops and upper body garments. Lately I've been trying to steer away from the extreme colourful me that I was only a few months ago, and been falling more and more in love with smoother, earthlier colours. I want a more classical and relaxed style, but still gracious and feminine. 1 and 3 is something I would wear for a party or something festive. 1 appealed to the late colourful Sunny since it was sparkly and would attract attention but not screaming, while 3 would give a more rocked out look, look good with skinny jeans. 2 is a very fine coat, appropriate for early fall/spring. Outfits 4, 5 and 6 are all very close to the exact style I'm digging out from deep within myself. I'm not really a dress person (my body language isn't gracious enough for dresses yet), but I fell for exactly that one.

I've been wanting a blazer ever since we were in London during Easter. I really want one, so I'll have to get one sometime, I just have to find the right one. You know when you get the feeling in the store and you're just cruzin' and then suddenly a garment catches your eye and you know you have to get it. I want a blazer that gives me that feeling. I didn't fall for the colours of the blazer here (1) but the shape and length was very nice. 2 is something that would work good for me on my baggy-clothed days, just to spice it up and not go all black. 3 and 4 are accessories, which is always necessary. 5 is just a friggin rockin vest, a musthave. And 6 is an awesome cardigan. I really like cardigans because most of them look good both open and closed, which basically makes it a double outfit garment.

If I see blazer 1 in a store, I'll get the "this is made for me" feeling. I love it. Loooove it. I know summer is over but the top is just too cute to not make it to my wish list. And if the necklace doesn't say gracious and feminine I'm bound to have a hip-hoppy male style. Because to me it hardly gets more female. I'm a shoe-maniac, and those shoes/sandals just hit a home run with their awesomeness.

The colourful me isn't completely gone, and I've agreed with myself that small garments can be as colourful and sparkly as they want to as long as I tone the outfit down with more earthly colours. So number one gets a green light even though it's purple! I've been looking for something like 2 for a very long time, but every time I find something that looks good, it has something to ruin it, like bolts or some other crap. Bluh. And then we have a nice vest that looks very cute (I feel it would look good with a top I have recently bought). The bracelet is perfect, nothing more to it. And the dress just gave me that summer feeling so if I'll ever look good in a dress I'll own one of these.

Fact; in this post I've wrote the words garment 5 times and colour 7 times.

Cheers for now


Almost there

I can't believe it! I just can't! I don't know what to think, how to feel, I'm so confused, and a little bit stressed, but mostly excited! On Friday (today is Sunday) this time I'm on the airplane to Zurich about to commence on a completely new year! It seems like these last few months since I was accepted into the program has flown by me in hyper speed. It's both sad and amazing at the same time!
I just googled Switzerland, heha.

The super man

Last night around 1pm I returned from Sweden, where I have been swimming. It went alright, I was in better shape than I thought, but I wasn't really that motivated to train really hard, so I just tried having as much fun as I could. It was the last 10 days I got to spend with my boyfriend, who is no longer my boyfriend. I still care insanely about him, and many tears were shed both during the week and especially on the bus ride home last night. It's about a year until I get to see him again, and I know I'm gonna get used to the thought, but right now it just hurts. A whole lot and more than that.

This needs no caption

Anyways, pretty much everyday there was sunny (!my name!), filled with laughter, swimming and great people. The trainer for KSLK and Norodd IL is probably one of the people in the world I respect the most, and I'm not the only one. There was however a very, very special man I got to see, hear about and admire during this camp: Anders Olsson. Here and you can find out more about him, it can be translated to English so anyone can read it. What I can tell you though, is that closer to Superman is hard to get. This man is paralytic from his waist down, but still has 55 world records in swimming. He swims with only his arms and he can do the most amazing things. He is pure inspiration. The things this man has managed to do is worthy history and he has surely written his name in it.


Right now I've started packing a little bit more seriously for Swiss, and even though I had beforehand made a plan about what I was gonna do everyday until my departure, I've decided to enjoy my last few days here and just get up early everyday so that I can get things done. Tonight I'm going to a girl in my class where all the girls are gathering to have a good time. I have to socialize myself and get my mind on different thoughts because I'm still very upset, and I don't expect it to be okay for a while. Have to just keep myself busy.


Cheers for now



We have a new pup! His name is Gizmo and he has stolen my heart (not enough for me to stay, though)! We got him this Friday (so two days ago) and he has problems sitting still very long if there's more than one person around. And he's so great, he's charming and clumsy and playful and a fast learner. I can't wait for me to come home to this wonderful and house-trained dog!

And here's a photo of some people who stole my heart a long time a go; a few of my best friends (actually almost 50% of them because I'm a very, very lucy person) on my party-thing last night. I had a great time, but then again I always do when I'm with these girls (who are more than only the beautiful girls (and me with the purple hat) on the photo)!

Tomorrow (Tues) I'm leaving for a training camp in Sweden where I'll be gone for about 11 days. So when I get home I'll be stressed way above my potential with lots of things to do and only a few (probs emotional) nights left before I leave for Oslo and then Switzerland. I'm sooooo excited! Can't even begin to describe how excited I am!

For you, three songs I'm very into at the moment

Cheers for now