I will now have a long-term absence! Going to Oslo and then my boy is coming here to stay with me. A bit more than a week with minimal computer use and probably zero posts from me. Perhaps a small picture post of some kind will pop up.

Have fun. I will!

Some 4chanlulz for you in the meantime.

Haahahha. You have no idea how funny this is if you're not laughing.

Cheers for now


Summer mode

Ah, I can tell summer is really here. The days last forever, I don't feel like I'm doing anything, but when I lean back with my Mac (loveit) at night and think about it. I hardly sit still!

Oh dear God I miss the Philippines! It's like my second home from home (or third or fourth or something, but still a home!)! But I think this will be a really good summer even without a trip there!

The last days have been so decent I don't know how to begin. Everything has been splendid; the weather, the people, the mood, the plans. The only thing missing is my boy. But it's only about a week until I will see him again, and that's something we're looking forward to indeed.

I cba to sum up my last few days (ask if you are interested) but today I went to Rotsethornet with Maris and Andy (and D-boy met us half-way down). The trip can be described with one word; sound. And my legs are well tired, because almost the minute I got home I had time for a shower, 30 minutes of chill before I got ready to go out and hang with my gurlz. Which was sweet as always, but I went home early because I was soo tired, and I'm getting up early tomorrow to paint for my Grandma (which I love way more than my Mac).

Hellz yeah, we climbed this bitch, and that makes it my second mountain this week!

What else has happened? Yes! The king of pop is dead. And to me (as a life-long fan) is devastating. At first I didn't even know whether to believe it or to cry. I'm soo upset. I have so many memories from that man, and now he's gone. I can finally understand how the generation a few years older than me felt when they lost the Beatles, how rockers felt when they lost Elvis, because now we've lost Michael. He will never be gone, because the memories of everything he did (good and/or bad) will live on forever in his music.

I'd appreciate it if you took a minute to salute him in your own way. I will do so sometime later.

I've been shaking my ass and bursting my vocals to his beats since I could. He has a song for every occasion, every mood, everything! May he rest in peace.

..and now to something completely different;
As I've mentioned, there won't be much posting during summer. I've got a life, and a skin that desperately needs a summer tan (and I'm already nearly there! Which for me is amazing! (you really have no idea, I'm the palest non-albino kid you'll ever meet during winter))! Don't spend your summer inside and in front of the computer, that's what school nights are for! Go out and dance, if it's sunny dance in your bikini and get tanned, and if it's raining you should go out dancing anywho! Take a hot shower later!

Cheers for now


And btw; My dear friend (and neighbour) Susanne has now got herself a blog! For you Norwegian speaking guys and dolls out there; follow her as she commences her two years in Costa Rica at a United World College! Read her blog here !

Woop Woop

Today was my very last day of the 1st grade. And in 59 days I'm sitting on an airplane to Switzerland with butterflies in my stomach and probs a gazillion thoughts running around in my mind. Expectations, excitement, fear, nervousness and all the emotions one can't prepare to feel.

I don't know what to feel about being done with 1st, the same way I don't know what to feel about this photo. It's cool, but still a bit sad/scary.

I started pondering what I'm gonna miss when I'm gone, and then that turned into me pondering about a lot of different things (and then I just had a sudden urge to clean up my room a bit and tore out everything in my cupboards and threw out a lot of shit, yea). So I decided to make a lot of small lists. First of all because I'm quite bored because I can't go see Jeff because I saw her yesterday and I'll be going over there tomorrow.. Thur, Fri, Sat and Sun (and my impression otherwise is that everyone has something important to do). And this is also my blog, so I'll do whatever I feel like..!

I'm putting this photo up just to prove my point. My blog.

So here are many lists, woop woop!

5 things I'm scared of;
Some I know (and or love) dying
Crossing wooden bridges in tiny (or huge) forests when it's really dark
Flying (but my passion for traveling sort of manages to keep this one under control)
Losing my voice forever (I love talking)

5 things that annoy me;
People with loud ringtones
Old women who try to cut in line (in anything) because they think they have such a right (this has only happened to me with women. Never men)
When people are late and don't apologize (as if they have the right to be late)
"Know it all"s
People who laugh at On the edge jokes that are far out there

I needed to put up the baby as well. Haahaha, reminds me of me (not when I was a baby, but how I am now).

Silly games is what I do good!

5 things I do when I'm bored;
write lists
play cool internet games/things (links further down!)
clean my room
read a book/watch a movie
stare at a wall and hope something exiting will happen
(I do a lot more, but I decided for 5 so..)

All of a sudden I have friends and got plans, so here are some funny games for you people who are as lame as me! Hurray!

Sushi Go Round ; for those of you who can remember things and like small people who eat the same food over and over again (I've solved this multiple times).

Speed ; for those who are like Lucky Luke but don't like shooting people (made it to lever 14, yeeahahahhhh)!

Sveerz ; haha, this is just very random. But charming.

Speedtest ; find out whether or not you spend too much time in front of the computer.

Countries of the world ; how are your geography skillz? Mine were good, not so good anymore. But Sporcle in general makes time fly!

Tetris Marathon ; the queen (which is better than the king, since the queen gives birth to the heir/heiress) of all games!!

Cheers for now



I'm not gonna be one of those who apologize every time it takes me a few days to post anything here, because it's pretty much summer now, and I have a life (besides, the people who read this are pretty much my friends++ and they already know me and what I do).

I had a great weekend! I was with my babe from Thursday to Sunday (which was needed, since now I won't be seeing him before around the 7th!) and everything was fab. The weather was great, the wallet was great and the mood was great (I've grown accustomed to my hair now, but I'm going to a hairdresser tomorrow to get it fixed). I came up early on Thursday, so we had the entire day, which was nice, because normally I come late in the evening and we eat and sit up a short while before we tuck in.

I had loads of fun, even though we didn't do anything super special. We played monopoly and pool, saw some films, went to the city thing (which wasn't all to great of a city. Charming though, but too windyyy) and really just didn't do anything special, but had fun.

This is Zante. Somewhere, don't know where. Joel put me to the idea, and I'm going here sometime.

Tomorrow is the veery last day of school. And I like the thought of me not going back there (for school) in over a year, is soooo decent. Have no particular plans for the summer. I'm going to Oslo in a week to be with Jeff. We're going to Tusenfryd! And then the rest of the summer I have some plans which aren't completely set yet. I think I'm gonna spend as much time with my babe as possible.

Cheers for now



I've cut my hair. I'm gonna laugh a bit and then cry a bit. We'll see. My baby doesn't know, and I'm going up there to see him this weekend. HILARIOUS.. or it could be. I dunno yet.
I'm gonna have to go get it done professionally. Because I look like a kid. And that means I'm gonna cut it shorter. But first I'll walk around looking like a 2$ haircut. I don't mind (I do. I want real short hair really, because I'd rather look a bit chunky than a little boy).

Got vids:

This is just to show how long my hair was before. I'm already regretting it. Like A LOT. As I'm sitting here, writing. I wanna run upstairs, take all my hair out of the bin and glue it back to my head. I kinda hate myself (I'm like this eeeverytime I change anything).

I had to post this just because of the face!

Just to show you why you shouldn't cut your own hair..

Close to the finishing results. When you look like an idiot you compensate by acting like one..!

Not satisfied at all. I'm defo seeing a hair dresser. Or someone who can see the back of my head while they're cutting my hair. Geez.. It's gonna get even shorter, isn't it?

..I look like a man.

Cheers for now
(I'm going to cry myself to bed and hope I feel better in the morning)


The end

So that's it. My last competition ever.. over. It's like an end (or perhaps a beginning?). I can still picture myself in the 6th grade (about 11 years old) when I dreamed of becoming the best. And I think I had a fair share of talent, and I could've come a lot further than I have. Which is probably the worst part. But this is how it is; now I'm just gonna swim for the one reason; I love swimming!

It was a nice weekend; socially wise. Sport's wise I blowed. I doubt I've ever done as poorly as I did this weekend. But I guess one can't win them all, and going out with a blow was my style - a low-blow that is. Either way, I'm sorta happy and relieved that I'm done with all this stress now, I don't have to have that friggin' nervous feeling anymore. And yet I'm a bit sad, because going to competitions are fun, and I do enjoy it I have a lot of friends there now (and a boyfriend, lol). Not satisfied at all (with the results that it, very satisfied with the boy!). But I'm done, so that's that.

Sooo, over to something completely different; I've found out that my departure date to Swiss is 21st of August. That's insane, haha, I leave in 68 days. Better start planning what I can bring, I guess.

How was your weekend?

Cheers for now


PP; Lol

Allllright, I wasn't picked for oral exams, and I will celebrate by letting the g33k inside of me come out and share my sense of humour with you all. Enjoy
(Click the pictures with a lot of text to read)

Cheers for now


Congratulations Susanne!

Today one of my closest friends had her birthday! She is leaving for Costa Rica for two years as a student on a UWC, so we made her a sort of album to remind her of us back home (even though I'll be gone next year as well). She celebrated this weekend, but because of some.. ahum, delays, me and Maris didn't manage to get it done (or even started) Thursday, and since my boy was here all weekend, there was no way I was gonna get anything done Fri or Sat. So yesterday we dived in and after 5 hilarious, hectic hours with improvisation and silly jokes, we came up with the result, and I daresay; we were damn proud.

The front of the book.

The three of us!

We made and alphabet about her, and things we associate with her

One of the best pages, indeed! The part of education I came up with on my own! (I might have read it somewhere, but didn't take it from there deliberately)

Me and Maris eating our breakfail during our trip to London.

She is a HP fan, and we took this photo in London, and hell yeah, that is the best Nimbus 2000 broom ever drawn! (made by Maris )

All in all, it was a great weekend, and a nice present (she was very happy).

Cheers for now


Cracking cards

Today I went to look for a pair of trousers that I found in Oslo, but because I decided to do other things, I forgot that it was Pentecost and the shops were closed early. But they were here aswell, and I was thrilled! (they even looked alright on me) When I was gonna pay, my card got declined, and I was all :'( but then my amazing, fantastic (ly rich), beautiful, smart, wonderful neighbor and very good friend Susanne stepped out and lent me the money and I was all :D

Here are my new trousers
They look better in real life!

Have you done any shopping lately?

Cheers for now


Summer, swimming pools and love.

This weekend was great! I went to Oslo for the Swim Shop cup, which is a swimming competition with lots and lots of great swimmers - needless to say I didn't do too good - from all around Norway, Iceland, Sweden and even some from Wales.

I dunno what's happened to me, because before competing came absolutely naturally to me, and now it's like I get nervous days ahead and can hardly concentrate. I know I can do a lot better than I do at competitions, but it just doesn't show. So this was my second last competition, ever. My last one is two weeks from now, and then I'm giving up competing. I'll continue swimming, probably for as long as I can, because swimming is one of the most important things in my life.

Either way, the weather in Oslo was fantastic. As in it was hot, cloudless and pretty much everyone were happy. And I was around two of my fav peepz

My baby boy and girl; Jarnfrid and Lasse!

The curlyheaded boy I've fallen in love with

Hope you had a great weekend too!

Cheers for now