Volleyball night

Trying something new; starting the post with a photo. And I thought I'd post a photo of me (too early for a face shot) because they hardly exist anymore. I just snapped one while sitting here with my Mac (best thing ever) and then I just quickly loaded it into Mr Mac. When looking through the photos I noticed this. And I was like "rolf omfg, wtf is that?" And I have come to the conclusion that there is something living inside of me, and that it's trying to break out. I've decided to call it "growing up" (see what I did there?).

Yesterday the school arranged something called volleyball night for the 5th and 6th grade. I played with some people (I'm gonna be good not mentioning names, youknow) and my goal for the night (it was from 10pm-5am) was pretty much just to have fun. I would say goal about 60% reached. Someone were so fixed on just winning it brought my mood down from time to time (read: it pissed me off).

Anyhey, for about 7 hours I was constantly moving. I'm not talking about playing volleyball, I actually feel like I didn't touch the ball that many times (we weren't always playing as a team). But thankfully there was music. So I danced. Because dancing makes me happy, keeps me moving, and our P.E teacher says that we always have to be in motion, so I did. I regret not counting how many times I was asked to stand still by one of my teammates (read: pissed me off), but I kept dancing. It was my way to say STFU

Yes, I can be annoyed for a very long time. And I'm still a bit agitated.

I didn't bring my camera, I thought about it, but I'm kinda glad I didn't. Because when I had pause I played with some other people, so I couldn't have taken any good photos. However, here's the result (shown on some parts of my body) from the volleyball night.

Don't worry, I took this photo upside-down and it made my legs look really cool. Further down there are more bruises and my feet are full with burn marks and like purple/green/blue/pink/whatever, but I hate my feet so I won't post a photo of them. And if you're wondering about the bulges on the sides (like right above my knees) that's just a washed out memory I'd like to call "Sunny used to be active".

This is the best one. I'll make a photo series or something, as it changes colour. Right now it's more brown-redish. Looking forward to posting it and showing you.

No one can say I didn't try.

Anyways, things are going very good for me. I'm sorta starting to dread Christmas (you know, family holiday and so), but I'm gonna try my hardest to stay positive Maybe I'll dance all through Christmas? And in other good news they say that tomorrow it's gonna snow! OMFG SDKGHAIRUGHØSKAG YESS. Let it snow, let it snow, l e t i t s n o w !

Cheers for now



Today is not going to be that much of a fun post. I'm gonna do my best not to sound too serious, but there's really something I need to get off my chest.

However I was tempted to post pictures here that would give the title a literal meaning. I know this would be too offensive even to be me.

Today we started school with two hours of P.E, like we always do. On Friday there's such a (cool) thing in my school called Volleyball-night, and because of this we've been playing a deecent (imo little bit too much) amount of Volleyball in gym class. However, last Wednesday we played with the boys. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but here they actually split boys and girls in gym. Which I find right out stupid. Anyways, here I come rushing to school as usual, looking forward to playing volleyball with many people instead of 12. Misunderstand me right, I really like having P.E with the girls in my class, I just think that sports are more fun when a lot of people are playing. After 11 years of having mixed (and at least 25+ people) going to only 12 girls gives less variation and less aggressiveness. Then for some reason the sport hall is divided into sections, I figured we were gonna warm up separately or something, I was wrong. Turns out the boys didn't want to play volleyball with the girls. Turns out it was too b o r i n g.

Checked my dictionary for a definition. There you go.

I know that here I have been a little bit more quiet than I normally would be. But that's because I don't know this culture as good, and I try to tread carefully so not to offend anyone. This however doesn't change that I'm still the same, easily triggered Sunny, and there aren't too many things that fire me up as easily as this kind of thing. I think the boys in my class is a decent gang, this is and will probs be my impression of them, but, this I found a bit obnoxious and stuck-up.

An overlook of the fjord in my town. You don't see that much of the town itself, and it's not the view from my house (I live a looot more to the left), but this is and will always be my hometown. Where I grew up, and hopefully where I'll be buried (yes, I've given it that much thought, I wanna be buried in my hometown, but first in about 150 years or so..)

Then there's another thing I've been thinking about lately. I think it was last week (or the week before) when we talked about expats and stuff in English. Then the question of feeling at home in a different country popped up, and my teacher asked me. I told him no, I don't feel at home here. I do however feel very welcome and comfortable here, but as they say, Home is where the heart is, and it seems like I left a little bit too much of my heart in Norway. I might go out and say it; I risked everything coming here (dramaqueen-ish, but it's true). I left an absolutely amazing life in Norway (trust me, 2009 was the best) to come here and start blank. Why did I do this? I can't give a straight and completely honest answer. There has been so many times these last three months where I have sent thoughts to dear friends and asked myself "wtf?". But now I can feel that for every week, I feel more and more at home here in Glarus. People greet me on the streets, I'm starting to get a preeetty good control of the language and as soon as the snow starts falling I'll have something to do.

But being an exchange student is very hard, no one said it was gonna be easy, but so far I've had many ups and downs, and I'm guessing that in exactly one month isn't gonna be any easier. Christmas is my fav holiday. I like christmas better than I like my birthday. It just does something with me. So this year's gonna be very hard, I just have to try my best to be positive and think about how lucky I am doing this. I'm just dreading it a little bit. A little

Imagine how it feels like having a piece of your heart this far away from you. I know that I am lucky, and I try very hard not to think about people at home and get more and more used to the thought of living here and just enjoying it for the short time it lasts. But globalization has made all this forgetting a lot harder.

Next time I'll be funny, I promise.
I'd also like to thank all the people that have been nice enough to give me such awesome comments on how they like my blog! This does mean a lot to me, and it makes it a lot easier to write (because it gives me the impression that anyone is reading)!

Cheers for now



I seriously just sneezed like consecutively for 3 minutes (it doesn't sound like a lot, but just wait for it). So for 3 whole minutes I was completely unable to do anything. It was awesome. I love sneezing, however strange that sounds. Because I hardly ever sneeze. So when I actually do sneeze it's like the greatest relieve evur. You know the feeling you get when you know a sneeze is coming, and then you can't sneeze? This feeling ranks very high on my list of things I wish never happened.

Sneezing while you're walking is always funny. Because you just can't control your body. Kudos to the photographer for catching such a sacred moment!

Anyways, I don't remember what I planned on writing. I had a really good idea on the train today. Oh yeah, Trains! Trains, what are they? What do they do? How do they function (I'm sure Wikipedia can fill you in on this, I cba)? What do they mean to me?

This is a train. But not any train, oh no. It's thee Glarnersprinter! I like this train.

Well, I've always been a train person. Actually, anything but car is good enough for me. I kinda need the option of being able to move, be this on a bus, boat, horseback or bicycle (I'll admit that the third option doesn't really happen at all, I just needed a word that didn't start with a 'b'). Sneezed yet again. And in Norway there is pretty much no such thing as a train. Sure, we've heard of it, but it only exists in these big places. Where I live we're still amazed at how electricity works. Here, on the other hand, trains are everywhere. Not only trains, but also busses! Public transportation actually means transportation here (and not "we'll bring some people, sometimes, from A to B, C you gotta do on your own"). I love it. I also love the fact that there are always newspapers lying around on the train, where I can tear out the sudoku and have something to make time pass (maybe I'll show my collection sometime (read:when I one day clean out my wallet)) gosh, I love double parentheses! Actually, I've got nothing smart to say today. I just needed something to do so that I wouldn't fall asleep. So I share some funny photos (under here somewhere) and good songs I want to share with the world (read: the 6-7 people who read my blog).

I seriously recommend to google the word sneeze, sneezing or something like that. I found soo many hilarious photos. And this one kinda looks like me too (but I don't spit when I sneeze. I hope)!

I'm doing just great, I've caught a cold, but please, it would be weirder if I didn't catch a cold than that I've caught one. Everything is just super (wow, SUPER. That was gay). I can't really explain it. School is great, people are great, family is great, Switzerland is great. Did I btw tell about how I managed to get a 4,5 (which apparently is reaally good) in maths? Sneezed. I have no idea how I managed that, but somehow I did (alright, so he only graded me 50% seeing as I only did 50% of the test, but the other half was text stuff, and my teacher didn't really expect me to do that).

Aaha, I have no words. Sneezing *insert heart here*

AND, this is a shout going out to my friend Randi Elise. She is probably the cutest person alive, and the fact that she reads my blog and gives me cute comments all the time (despite the fact that she doesn't have Facebook (how is that even possible?)) makes me soo happy! I miss the way we would always do nothing in science (e.g make silly photos, play tetris, facebook..), and how she's always been my snowboarding buddy (seriously, for like.. 6 years or something)! It's gonna be so strange having a winter where she doesn't text me every other day and asks me if I've got enough time to go snowboarding! I miss you sweetie! <3

This is a photo of me and Randi one time in Science. She fed me a watermelon and since I had overslept and didn't have time to eat breakfast OR shave, I was soooo happy!

This is bus drivers in Norway. Here they are all quite nice.


Hahaha, I love these comics. I just. Love them.

Three other things I love. These songs are first; funny and cool. Then comes a sweet one, and then a cool and good one. Sadly for some, two of them are in Norwegian. WEELL WELL
Tungtvann - Mor du e hot Taylor Swift - You're not sorry Karpe Diem - Hat&Love

Cheers for now!


Kung-fu fighting

Well, I have promised (and I'm sure it's expected of me) to show some differences between Switzerland and Norway. I honestly don't know what it is, but I don't feel like I've gotten a culture shock of any kind. The only thing that sucks is that sometimes I get homesick. Mostly at night (when in Norway I'd normally be swimming/training or buried in homework I hadn't done yet) or when something that makes me think of someone/thing. Like the other day I decided I wanted to have a braid in my hair, and then I started thinking of Kamilla, who would alway braid my hair in a gazillion ways (when I had long hair), and then that moved further on to all the good times I've had with my friends the past year. And there we go, I got upset and.. oh my god, I'm listening to the tv in the background and there is such a thing as the worlds most expensive bed. It costs 60 000 Euros.. wow

It just fits too good with what I wrote.

This is how I've learned to deal with my homesickness, I let myself get distracted. I'll tell you, it works like hell! Something else that's working as hell, is school. This is one of the places where I see the biggest difference between Norway and Switzerland. I will not claim myself as professor in Swiss educations systems, but I have started to wrap my mind around this now.

Whereas in Norway we can't really become anything without going to school first, here they choose wether they want to go to uni or not at the age of 12 (I'm sure there are loopholes, but I haven't picked that up yet). In other words where we feel like we are being forced to going to school everyday for about 13 years, these suckers choose it. heah, nah, I'd choose it too, but that's because I've always known I wanna be highly educated (there have been times where I was willing to drop it to become a ninja, but then I realized I can't really jump that high..). What I want to study I still don't know.

Picture irrelevant, I just hate it when there's too much text. I know that photos are a lot more fun to watch. I just happen to have this kind of humour (looked through my LOL map few days ago, and I almost peed myself, and then crawled under my bed in shame because I laughed at that stuff).

Anypoo, the differences. First of all they have taken the subject we in Norway call Science and made three subjects; Biology (this is okay), Chemistry LAB (this is also okay because I get to wear cool goggles once every two weeks) and Physics (this is not that okay..). They do pretty much the same as we do - just a lot more complicated (This might be because it's in German, but I like to think not). They concentrate deeply on more mathematical subjects (they don't offer Religion, politics, philosophy or subjects like that) and economics is mandatory. You can choose to have music, sports, italian and Latin too (not all of them, ofc), but I still sense a big difference in priorities.

It's a liiiiitle bit over the top, but you have to admit you smiled just a tiny bit?

Schooldays are definitely longer, they have homework (in Norway you can get by without doing your homework, just read to all the tests and do the hand-ins and you'll be okay), they have more tests than oral performances and I am extremely convinced that the country of Switzerland hate the rainforest. In every subject there is an insane amount of paper handed out to every student all the time. I get why and tbh I'm too tired to be bothered to discuss this back and forth (I know I'm right anyways), but if I ever end up here teaching, I'll be printing on both sides..

On the other hand, if they were printing on both sides I wouldn't be able to draw ninjas on the back. Epic ninja fight will take place next Monday when I also have two extremely boring hours of PP. Haha, btw, one guy in my class (being good here, not mentioning names) has read my blog and found out about my habit of drawing ninjas (damnit, wasn't very ninja of me to post it here, but oh well.), and today he drew ninjas in English class and showed them to me. This seriously made my week

I don't know what other differences in the school system I can explain (I do, but simpsons is on), and when I am very inspired I'll give you a five page long essay of some kind. Apart from being homesick from time to time, things are going great here. The most amazing thing has happened; I'm actually looking forward to going to school (Yeah, apart from the getting up before the sun thing)! Who would've thought? I received 3 high-fives today, this means that I've done enough good for one day.

Oh did you happen to notice up here that I said I heard the Tv? I don't have to look directly at the tv and concentrate deeply to know what they're talking about anymore! Yay me!

Cheers for now



(Made up a word!)

Have no idea how this is even possible, but even though I'm doing
nothing everyday, I still don't have time to do anything. I mean, I use forever to do stuff that normally I don't think about. Like homework - takes forever (and I end up doing it 50%), cleaning my (tiny) room - takes forever, finding something to wear - still not satisfies! (I miss my wardrobe, damnit!) Mommy? If you read this, there is supposed to be this small, completely simple, black skirt laying around somewhere in my wardrobe. If you find it, I would be very thankful. Also, need more woolen tights! (this is where I insert a heart for both my mum and for woolen tights)

I hope you get that the heart is more for my mum than for my woolen tights, I love my mum much more, clearly, but she knows that.

So today it's Friday and I'm going to meet people and actually do something. Woopwoop. I will soon give you a long, pondering, deep, intellectual and reflected post, I just need time to sit down and be pondering, deep, intellectual and reflected (requires tea and a certain type of music and it kinda has to be Sunday too..).

I've listened to this song a gazillion times lately. I loove it!

Well, everything is doing great, just need some more sports (I miss swimming so much, I'm at a loss for words). I'll get that working soon (might start dancing, and with some gymnastics, trying new stuff).

(or at least until Sunday)


I'm alive!

Alright, so I'm trying to get this blogging back on track! Blogging about everyday life in Switzerland gets really boring. Wanna know why? Because it's every day life. I mean, there's really nothing interesting to write about.. Alsoo, it might be that I have been dead tired for the last week (two weeks?), and just had no inspiration to write or anything.

Just to keep you updated; I still live in a piece of artwork.

In addition, I've had a little downer. By now it's long gone, and things are picking up. I mean, things are just fantastic. I've got a great family, starting to make friends on my own, and my class just kicks ass (some teachers are not as great, but I'll live).

Just to prove my statement above, I have included myself in a photo. I was there and this photo makes me speechless! Wow!

What do people want to know about this? Want to know exactly how I feel in writing moment? Want to know about swiss people? About my everyday swiss life? What are you all curious to know? Maybe you just want photos with a little bit of text? A new video (then you'll have to wait until I lose my voice again)? Give me themes! If not, I'll just ramble on once a week about food, homework, school and whatnot. Doubt I'll be as emotional and personal as I was below here. I realize how stupid it looks right now, but I don't have the heart to remove it. It is possible to miss someone and enjoy yourself at the same time!

I still have a huge grin on my face. AND HELP ME, I NEED TO DO SOMETHING WITH MY HAIR! WHAT TO DO? It sucks, because it's just too long and not long enough. SUCKS. MAKES ME ANGREY! (Haha! I wrote angry with an extra e just for bollocks, and it turned out to be a word! Doesn't show up in my dictionary, but my auto-correct isn't correcting it!)

There is something I would like to share, though!

Behold, my effectivity in class!

This is part of the first test (that has to stand in bold) I wrote in the Kanti! Woohoo. I've gotten a thing for drawing ninja's lately. I dunno why. Maybe because I feel like a ninja when I sit so close to the teacher drawing when I should be paying attention! (Don't worry, I pretty much only draw in economy, which just happens to be the last class on Mondays (well, almost last) and Tuesdays)

Another economy thing. We were given a newspaper article. I had a gazillion words I didn't know, so I marked them (that you can't see), and translated them (left). If you see all those tiny grey dots, it's an ultimate ninja fight going on. Don't know who's won yet, but I've got a Franc on the guy to the left.

I don't always draw stupid cartoonies! Was actually satisfied with this. Supposed to represent me; like, a two fishes (my zodiac, and the fact that I've done swimming pretty much my entire life (apart from here.........)) and then the things around is supposed to be flames representing the sun (well, do the math).

The one time I tried making notes in economy before I realized that I was very tired and couldn't read my teachers' handwriting.

You probs can't read what's in the center there. But all around the paper, there are tiny miniatures of animals (I've overlooked it more than once, no animal goes twice), and in the middle is says: "Economy is so much fun! I'm writing with my right hand, innit nice? I think so" in three languages. SKILZZ.

So, to sum things up; everything is going great. I'm great, school's great (inefficient, but great), glarus is great, Swisslandia is great.

Cheers for now


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