So, Christmas. I'll just get right to it. It was different. There's no doubt about that. We had something french, pizza-ish for dinner. It wasn't Christmas, but it was very good. We played some Christmas songs (Norwegian, German and English ones) on youtube on guitar or just a cappella. Then we talked and opened our presents (where I had a few more than the others, hihi).

THANKYOU EVERYONE. My presents were awesome! I loved them all! I don't know if I want to start writing up all the stuff I got, but I don't want people do know exactly how spoiled I am.

Apart from that I've been boarding every morning, and if I dare to say it myself, I've made a little bit progress. It's not a lot, but it's something. I'm looking forward to actually reach a decent level, so that I can do real jumps and tricks. Until then, I'll just stay at the tiny little lumps I'm doing atm.

So this is where I snowboard.

It's been kinda cold lately..

Tomorrow is new years and I'm probably going out to celebrate with friends. Apart from that my agenda is starting to fill up: Everyday go snowboarding (seeing as I've got a season pass and still a week and a half of vacation), then school starts (and now I have to work. Buh), then Hannah is going to Canada (CRYING), then we've got another week of vacation in the start of february (snowboarding!!), then sometime in that near future my birthday is coming up (Lisa and I have found out what we're gonna give each other, but I'm gonna talk about that laterrr), then I've got this English test I've gotta doo, then we've got the school prom thing, then Lisa and I will (hopefully throw a big party together), then Easter's up and then I'll be going to Germany (Munich (München) and some other place), then Lisa and I plan to go to Paris for a long weekend sometime in April/May, then there's some festival sometime in June/July and.. then I'm back. I don't know. I have this feeling it's gonna go extremely fast. And now that I'm done with Christmas (which I have dreaded and turned out not to be so bad), I don't want it to rush by. I just know I'll do my best to stay happy all the time and just make sure I make the best out of my last few months here.

I dunno bout you guys, but fireworks kinda scare me. Might have something to do with me almost being hit last (?) year, but it looks nice. I just keep a healthy distance when they're being fired.

Now you all know a little bit about what I'm doing the next few months, and since I'm in addition plan to start working out like I normally do (at least once a day, preferably a few times a week two..), you might understand how I'll be busy. But I like it like that. Sitting still way too much sucks. But I'll then also try to write about swiss life and not just, I dunno, random shit.

So I'm going here (with AFS). It looks nice. I've never been in Germany before, but I'm sure it'll be good (read: cheap!).

And hopefully I'm going here! I've been to Paris once, but I was a rebellious teenager and didn't really do anything. Now I'll (I hope) be going with someone who speaks fluent French and probs stay with her old host family. Good stuff.

So guys, happy new year. Be nice, and maybe santa will give you just as many cool presents next year as he did this year!

Cheers for now



So today I received an early Christmas present! From whoooo? From my younger brother ofc!
Check it out:

"I have a horse" /rides away
Ahahahahaa! I love it!
Keep in mind this kid is 12(!!!) years old and his English and animation skills are already great.

He made this film j u s t for me (after a request from me, saying I wanted an animated youtube film for Christmas).

Tuuuuuuuusen takk Hallvard! Ej digga den! Zupert! Brava! Magnificent!
Gleda mej til å sjå fleire filma i næraste framtid!

Cheers for now



Warning, photos taken completely out of context.

I found this cute internet site some other day. Sadly I don't remember the link, but I'm sure I'll find it again and post more photos! It's just a random fact every day (I'm not surprised that I knew more of half of them from before, lol'd).

Hehehehe. Ej å du Jarnfrid.. ej å duuuuu knis

Just a shortie for today, on Christmas Eve or Christmas day I'll try to make a really big (riesen gross) post. And then when the holiday is over I'll do my best to be funny and actually talk about stuff that has to do with Switzerland and my exchange year (do account for some random stuff though).

This will be my signature style all through winter. Why? It's warm, it looks alright and it soo comfortable. I love this t-shirt, and my new woolen tights my mom sent me (and the 17 (14?) pairs of socks she sent me too). Good stuff, good stuff. Kinda cool actually, socks (which you can't see) are Angora wool in other words from Angora, tee bought in London, underwear from switzerland (also a can't see), tights from Norway (I assume) and the cardigan is from Italy. Woopwoop

The thing is that I can sit on the train and listen to music and have a million of thoughts about what I can write here, about what's good and what I know people would like to know (both Norwegian and Swiss), and then I sit down to write it. And nothing comes out. I mean, I dunno. There has to be something about my room/house that ruins my creativity (I'm serious, I've felt a huge downfall in lust and ability of making creative stuff since I came here(has nothing to do with the family, maybe just my surroundings)). This is bad, because I like doing creative stuff. It's always something I've been able to do if I feel down and I've always done it good/good enough. You know?

This is the kinda stuff I did to pass time whilst sick (failed to mention that I've been sick on/off pretty much for three weeks and I've ended up ruining my sleeping rhythm (read: slept anything from 0 hours to 14 hours per day..). Extremely creative, I know..

Anyways, it's soon Christmas, and I'm starting to look forward to it. I don't have the same mood I get in Norway, but that probably has something to do with the surroundings too. Anyways, I'm not not looking forward to it anymore, and to me, that's one big step forward!

Hahah, this is todays geography lesson. The good sketches are obviously not mine. There are also a few more pieces of paper, but I don't have them. Maybe they're not finished yet? Either way. Best. School day. Ever.

Cheers for now



There's been a terrible lack of inspiration from my side lately. I mean, I do think about deep, pondering and very grown-up things to write and tell everyone. But it's always when I'm feeling kinda down. So I'm just wondering; do people want to know these kind of things too? You want to know how it looks inside a slightly depressed exchange students mind?

..and now for something completely different! (<---youtube it)

Today, at abouuut 16:50 I walked up the outside steps making a list inside my head about what I had to do today: learn physics, write some mails, answer some mails (sorry people), write some letters, read some Faust (believe it!), and so on and so on. I was gonna do good. Then! I open the door, see Timi (timmy, timmi? ..shit) I say stuff like "Hiiii Tiiiimiiii! Are you hungryy?" and then I look up. I see 3 big ass packs and one normal sized one standing on the table in the entrance. I start making like small squeeling wiiiiiiiiih sounds and jump over to check what names are on these packages; they're all from Norway. All for meeee! I'm soooooooo happyyy! Three of them were totally expected and one of them came completely unexpected. So unexpectedly I started crying (of joy ofc) when I opened it (Only the post-sending-wrapping-thing, I don't cheat with Christmas presents). Now I'll show all of you non-Norwegians some photos and write some in Norwegian!

This is "our" cat (read: the cat is actually our king), Timi/Timmi/Timmy sleeping sometime some while ago. Last week sometime, I think. he looks really cute anyhow. Believe it or not, he's 10 years old! (cat years or human, still sounds old for a cat, I literally have no idea) He's one old camper, but still sooooo cute!

Cookie box! Tusen hjertlig takk Heidi! Den e so utrulig fint laga! Og ej he smakt på en kjeks, den va kjempegod! Gler mej til å nyte resten i romjula! Takktakktakktakktakk!

This is the total catch of packages received this winter. I would call it a successful catch.

Heeeheheh, he didn't like the way I was pointing that thing at him. But after I took the photo he went back to sleep.

All of those gifts are for me (incl. the one on the lowest thing to the right). And if you're wondering what these yellow notes are doing all over my room (don't know if you can see it, but they hang on the wall too.. I at least know they are), I'm telling myself that I have to stop spending money. Which I have, which is good. Saving money is good!

Hei hei hallo alle sammen! Ej veit ikkje kor monge av dokke som fe med dokke ditte, men ej he rett og slett ikkje tid til å sende hjertelig tusen takk til alle samtidig (for ej vil virkelig gjer det frå hjerterota - og no må ej virkelig begynne å rydde alt på plass før ej faktisk må lese Faust og gjere Fysikk til i morgå.. hehhhhhhhehheheh. Drite i fysikk), men vær greie å spre takken min enn so lenge, til ej klare å hive mej rundt og skrive et fint brev til alle sammen (det kan forventast at det kjem litt etter jul, for ej he for det første ikkje råda til å sende dei enda, og ej e generelt veldig treig for tida).

Vil spesielt takke Steen&strøm (neida, hehehhe, Morch Steen vell! (Vekkje om det e greit å komme med etternavn sånn ej? Hvis dokke ikkje lika det sei i frå, so teke ej det vekk med en gong!)) Det va soklart det her ej snakka om når ej sa ej grein gledeståre (ikkje at ej ikkje va like takknemmelig for alt det andre ej he fått med dei andre!), men det va rett og slett so uventa. Ej skulle filma reaksjonen min, skulle ej! Hadde sikkert vore kjekt å sjå! Hadde egentlig lyst å filme en takkefilm, men det gjer ej etter juleafta, når ej vise fram alt ej he fått (he nemmelig ikkje kikka eller klemt på noooke! Veit berre at en av dei (hei tante Ingrid) e flat, firkanta og står 98% sikkert på ønskelista mi). Det e so utrulig godt å vite at det finst so monge folk i Volda/Norge som tenke på mej, for det e lettare å glømme enn en sko' trudd!

Ditte går ut til alle, men kanskje veldig spesielt til en spesiell, spesiell en (hei Lasse). Klistre på et hjerte her og der også, ej he desverre ikkje ei eiga strand å tegne på for tida og kom ikkje på å gjer det i Italia...lal

So til jentene mine! Først vil ej sei til Randi; ej he no tatt min "årets første snowboardtur" uten dej. Vakkje heilt det samme! Og det vakkje like bra som bratthenge på en bra dag! (men det e veeeeeldig bra, hehehehehehhhhhhhh) Og litt seint svar; men nei, ej hekkje Disney Channel ELLER cartoon /grinegrinegrine/ Men ej he Nick (wuuuhuuuuu) og Mtv (det e jo faktisk litt gøy da). Beste e at det finst ikkje noke Voice tv her! Uansett jenter: veit at no e det sikkert supert heime, sida Susanne e heime og sånn! Ej e veldig glad på alle sine vegne! Ej sei berre; ej gir dokke ansvaret for å arrangere en skypekveld. For sida Pelle&Pysa sei: "To øyne ser bedre enn ett!" so tenke ej at /telle på fingrane/ 10 (+- 1) haud tenke bedre enn et!

So, tusen takk til: Heidi, Lasse, Nils & Hanne, Mamma, Pappa, Mormor, Hallvard & Sindre, tante Ingrid & onkel Trond, tante Astrid, tante Marit & onkel Tor, tange Ingunn & onkel Knut og so alllleee jentene; Ingrid, Ingrid, Ingrid, Susanne, Sunniva, Maris, Stephanie, Andrea, Kamilla og Randi Elise! KJEMPEKJEKKE ALLE SAMMEN!

Mega glad og takknemmelig for alt! Savna dokke alle sammen! E redd for at ej he plana om å holde mej sjøl so opptatt som mulig i juletider for å klare å holde haudet mitt vekke frå at ej he heimlengsel (he det allereide no, lol), so det ekkje sikkert det kjem so veldig mykje frå mej før etter jul elns. Eller, det kjem jo sikkert, skal vell klare å finne noke å klage på!

I've always loved this song. Now that I've figured out that this awesome lady Regina Spektor has (has got if I should be grammatically correct) a version,
it just makes it eeeven better. This is the last vid I'm posting of non-Christmasy songs. Next blog post will s m e l l like Christmas spirit! True story!

Cheers for now


Og so verdens største, mega superduper hilsen til verdens tøffaste, beste storebror (ej he også verdens tøffaste beste lisjebror ej da..) i heile verden som blir 20 (!!!!!) år på torsdag 17. Des! Wuuuuuhuuuuu! Gjett om du e gammal no da!! hihihihi neida, tullaaaa! 4 evur jung!

Ellers også gratulere til Elisabeth og Sigrunn som begge no he blitt 1+8=18 no i Des!
Megakult! Håpe dokke storkosa dokke!


I haven't written for some time. I know, it's boring. I guess since my dad sent me a mail on facebook where he was wondering if I was still alive (not his exact words, but anygay) I had to just post something. I don't (lol, the song I'm playing sang that at the e x a c t same time that I wrote it!) feel like writing anything special. I'll do that later. I feel stressed out and tired for no reason, and tbh I don't look forward to Christmas this year.

BUT(+T hheheh), let's see. Happy Sunny here. What have I been doing lately?

Eating Fondue - the swiss speciality. I'm sorry, I don't really like it. It's edible, but I'm never gonna have the thought "Right now I'd like to eat some Fondue!" Melted cheese really isn't my thing.

I've got a boob job. I mean, the price was right! (Gosh, I'm so funny)

I've danced around in sparkles. I don't know, but I like this photo of me. It's from the night when me and Hannah were together on a Friday for the first time (well, not first time, but you get the deal, we were out out). Because now she's 16 and we can finally do cool stuff together!

I've started doing my homework - Norwegian style.

I've received a package from my aunt! (I received one from my other aunt too, but I sadly don't have a photo) It looks so awesome, I mean. It's simply cool. Lovin' it!

I've been in Zürich swimming in the lake (I know, not a photo of exactly that, but this was on the way there). I might put up a vid (cause I do have one), but then I have to find a way to put bleeps on it first..

This weekend sometime when going to the toilet I saw this adorable thing standing right outside the toilet door! I just almost melted and had to tell everyone about it later!

Ej berre drømme om dagen då ej kan gå inn på KIMI og ha so stort utvalg i yoghurt! For ALT her e faktisk yoghurt! Helt til enden av bildet! Tenk det da!

A bench somewhere near the school area. I just found it a good thing to photograph. Swiss people love smoking, be it cigarettes, water pipes, pipes in general or other.. healthy stuff.

Sometimes you have to enjoy a very expensive coffee even though you can't really afford it. And then it's extra worth it when it looks like this

Huska at på pizzakvelden (i Italia.. ej e veldig treig med å få bildene frå mobilen til dataen) satt vi å venta fordi vi va altfor tidlig ute og hadde ikkje reservesjon enda. So sitte vi på en anna plass der dei voksne dela ei flaske vin og so ser ej ditte på andre sida av gata. Som den tullingen ej e måtte ej sjølvsagt få ei latterkrampe, der ingen andre forsto koffor ej lo..

Haha, middagen i dag!

Here they don't have ham (I dunno, ham is made from pigs, right?) sandwiches, they have piggy sandwiches. I think is a good enough reason to visit Switzerland.

A small mix here, but it's needed. To weigh up for it I might something (very short) in German some time soon. We'll see. I'm trying to (read: I'm too lazy to have done it yet) get the time to make another vid blog where I speak all three languages. Or at least two. We'll see. Anyways, enjoy your weekend.

Oh, and I can now go snowboarding until.. I dunno. March or something (I know, short season.. I've been told how I can't go snowboarding during easter, and easter is now ruined!). So well,, maybe photos will come, maybe I'll break a leg. WHO KNOWS. Maybe I'll die, seeing as I don't wear a helmet and I'll be blinded by the sun if we get good weather.

Cheers for now