Can you feel the rhythm?

Summer is getting closer by the minute; the sun is shining, the temperatures are rising (and where I live that can be quite rare this early in spring) and everywhere I can see more people pulling their summer clothes out from the back of their closets. I have to say this is one of the best things in the world, just seeing how the seasons can affect peoples' moods. During this time of year (and summer of course) people are generally more happy.

So this summer I haven't got too many plans. Gonna visit some friends around the country, hopefully get a job (even though I don't want one, but I need it) and apart from that I'm gonna enjoy life and get my little self ready to move to Swizzz. It sort of hasn't completely occurred to me yet, but I am actually moving to Switzerland. A different country for an entire year. And in addition my knowledge about Switzerland is pretty much limited to chocolate, clocks and skiing.

One thing I'm gonna do this summer though, is attend the Molde Jazz festival. This year it sounds like it's gonna be completely awesome. One of the artists who are playing, is Mr. Jamie Cullum himself. I've dreamed of seeing him live for a very long time now, so seeing him is a must! I have great expectations that I believe will be fulfilled.

Counting down the days for summer and just trying to take things day by day until then!

Cheers for now


The word paradise is something people will associate with different things dependent on religious views, age etc. To me, paradise is nothing else than the tourist thing. I haven't traveled too much compared to some people I know, but then again I've traveled a lot more than other people I know, so that's very individual as well.
So far Boracay Beach is as close as I've come to paradise. I've been there thrice, two of them last year when I went to the Philippines with Jeff (my best friend. This is a trip I'll mention constantly, fyi), and once when I went with Jeff the year before. Boracay is just amazing. You can do anything or nothing there. Jet Ski is a definite favourite, and I've done it like four times (better than sex, I swear). During day you can shop, do water sports or other cool things, and during night there are several other things that can be done, won't be mentioning personal experiences, heah.

What I liked the best about Boracay wasn't the beaches, sports and cheap shops though. No, the people who lived there. The entire beach just had a youthful, relaxing and groovy - if it's still legal to use this word - atmosphere. Many nights when I can't sleep, or if I'm sad or bored or whatever, I think about my time in the Phils and perhaps especially the things we did and people we met at Boracay. Either way, it's a dream of mine to travel a lot around the world as I grow older, not all of them being paradises, but I'll definitely be keeping my eyes open for hidden pearls. Here are some pictures you can enjoy (all googeled).


(I'm fully aware of the fact that Africa isn't one country. I want to see all of it!)
The Maldives

In addition I have a long list of countries I have to visit, I'll probably present them in a picture post sometime when I'm bored enough to find all the photos.

Cheers for now

Picture Post: London

So this is my first picture post (P'P) so I'll just start with explaining the whole idea with the P'P: Since I'm moving to Switzerland next year, I'll probably have a lot to tell, and posting pictures is a bitch when I have to make it look good together with the text and shit, so it's a lot easier to post only a few and the fuck all with it. But with P'P I'll be able to post lots if I feel like it. Simply said it's gonna be posts with pictures only. No text apart from maybe an explanation to the pictures. Here's London, so enjoy.

Cheers for now