So, I'm back from London. And yes, it was absolutely amazing! Actually I was back about four days ago, but I've had a visitor and I've been too busy to write this blog post. I said last picture post that I would be able to sort out my pictures and shit, but apart from my shopping pictures there's a story to every picture, so it's gonna be a picture by picture thing.

A photo of the bags of my favourite shops/places that we visited (at least the ones where I've got bags from).

Pret A Manger is officially my new favourite chain. They have lots of veggie options for me (this is very important since bringing me out for lunch can be a drag because I most of the time end up not eating), they play funky jazzy music and they are enviormental and charming. Office is an awesome shoe shop, where shoes might be a bit expensive, but hell they're worth it. Selfridges is the extremely exclusive - and perhaps a bit pompous – store where I bought my jeans (picture further down).The Top Shop bag is from our first night in London. We had planned to do only a little bit of shopping on Monday, and we knew where to go to Shop; Oxford Street. So we took the Underground to Oxford Circus, where the Top Shop building was the first thing that met us. We went in there around 6 or 7 pm and we were there until they closed 9/9:30 pm. Poor Susanne burned her card there for us (which left me in major debt) because we found out that Top Shop has a student discount, and she was the only one who had her student ID right there and then (mine was at the hotel, silly me). I'm not sure we quite finished the store, it was so immense. But we did our best, and ended our day at Starbucks .All the way in the back there, there's a bag that says Portland Food and Wine. This shop was a typical British shop; hardly any space in between the isles, and people working there from early in the morning to late in the evening. Just for safety reasons, I'm gonna stay simple and say «How old are you?» lol'd.

Yeah, this photo is crap quality, but I'm no great photographer, and the items are tiny, so stfu. Either way, we all bought one of these tiny glasses each - well I bought three because it was £5 each. This was all I bought. The man behind the counter smiled very nicely at me, and gave me the button free of charge! It's important that I mention here that none of my friend got one, and they spent more money than me, heah. Perhaps he liked the fact that I boogied down to the indian music on the speakers. Anywho, I will remember the nice man in the souvenir shop on Leicester Square for a long time!

The bottle with Hippie on it is bought at a Pret A Manger and the other one at a food/eating chain called EAT. When I bought that bottle of Hippie water, it was our first visit (of many) to a Pret store. The man behind the counter was awesome and also took a picture of us with our disposable camera (I'll inform you of this a bit later). Should also be mentioned that I was able to take a very nice photo of myself at this store. What I remember about the EAT thing, is that Maris and me bought food at a Pret store, but there were no avaliable seating areas, so we went next door to this EAT place where Susanne bought herself some food – this was at Notting Hill, btw. The man behind the counter was French and gorgeous! And I do have a thing for gorgeous French men.

So in short we didn't do much other things than shop. We hardly got to experience London the way we wanted to. On Tuesday we met some peepz. And together with them we went to see Big Ben, and walked along the Thames and saw The Eye. The plan was to hit Camden market and then proceed to see Buckingham Palace and Notting Hill! But no, we ended up spending the entire day in Camden Market, because this was the place for us, you see. Even though well disappointed that I didn't get to buy myself a skateboard or smoke the water pipe there, it was an awesome day that contained lots of laughter and huge eyes and sentences like «Buy it! That thing is made for you!» It was also the day I started beeping in the shops I entered, this continued on Wednesday and stopped Thursday; reason unknown.

The shopping.

Yes, I did spend a lot of money, but I think it was worth it. I've bought (in random order):Two custom t-shirts, a pair of jeans, a pair of green trousers, a purple hat, three belts, a scarf,, a short-sleeved trench coat, two jackets, a blazer, a white top, three tights, two tank tops, two pairs of shoes, three movies; Jane Eyre, The Pianist, Mansfield Park, ten CD's; two Kanye West albums, Motown Gold, Michael Bublé, Stevie Wonder, U2, Blondie, Bloc Party, Nina Simone and Café de Paris. Various accessory; sunglasses, bracelets and some necklaces.

And then, these last two photos here we have three books for reading; Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre, Ivine Welshs Trainspotting and Anthony Burgess' A clockwork Orange, The yellow dotted book is a notebook I bought at TopShop for all my random notes. I like yellow and I like polka dots, so, yeah. For those of you who have loving Narnia memories roaming from your childhood like me, should also feel intrigued by the Turkish Delights. I have always wanted to taste one, ever since I was a child. So when opporunity reared it's face, I couldn't resist! Edmund makes them look so awesome in the series and the movie, but FYI; it tasted like soap. At least I got a nice box out of it. I think I did a fairly good job indeed.

The three of us at Pret

Some more photos will be posted in a later picture post. Cba making it fit in looking all nice right now.

Cheers for now


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