Alrighty.. Germany. Well.. it was. I dunno. German?

Because of laziness I'll let photos with text talk for me (truth is I'm watching kim possible, and it's really interesting.. monkey ninjas)

Scenery in Germany.. if you remember the photos from swiss scenery, there is quite the difference. Hah. It's like switzerland is Germany on steroids!

We started in Munich. It was a nice city and all, but we had no plans what so ever and ended up spending too much money and just really not doing anything. Hm.

We did however go to check out the olympic hall thing. I insisted on seeing the swimming pool, and when I went in. I was like hit with the worst nostalgia eveeer! I miss iiit. I dunno, the smell of hot, sweaty chlorine was just overwhelming and I kinda wanted to jump in fully clothed. But I didn't. Wait until it's warm enough to walk around with wet clothes.

After Munich, we went on further. Destination Lippstadt! We did however take an earlier train and ended up waiting at some train station (Kessel/Kassel?) where I spent my last coins on these two pringles (and an ice tea..nomnom), and we deliberately counted all the chips. And guess what? There wasn't 90 chips in there!! In one of them there were 98 and the other one 77... on average that is 87,5. FU Pringles!

In Lippstadt (where we visited a friend of Lisa, who also was an exchange student in France, who is very nice and very cool) our neighbour (who is on exchange in Rotterdam and was visiting someone in Germany) came to see us! We brunched and talked and took lots of photos it was good times.

Then we went further on; to Bielefeld! Where we visited some family. AWESOMEST RELATIVES EVER. Seriously. It was a blast. I'm defo going back to visit them sometime (in a year?)

We went to a tiny zoo (they said there might be a rhino.. but there wasn't. They did have wolves and bears though!). And this is Lisa and her cousin. Awesome girls.

I even got to try out the original Duff bear! Kinda cool, eh? (Don't worry, I'm old enough to drink bear now)

We also decided to take a pit stop to Berlin. We had these interrail tickets, and one more day, so we thought why not? We went to see the wall (ofc) and lots of other stuff (read: I don't remember the names..). The wall is full of cool paintings like this. Like expressive and politic stuff. I'll admit that I didn't really understand more than half of the stuff, but art (modern art) isn't my strength. Hm. heh..

What I really liked about Berlin, was that there was art all over the place. Somehow I've developed a new found respect for grafitti.. when it's decently done it can be sooo cool. I wanna learn. Someday, when I own my own apartment/house, I'll spray paint a wall.

We also needed to take some brakes a few times. Had to sit.. up? hehehe. I think this is the memory thing from the Holocaust.

I liked this house. It looks cool. Grafitti here isn't too cool though.. hm.

After Bielefeld, we went further on to Gütersloh (?) and Münster. In Münster they had this shop here. BOAH. But it was closed. And I became sad..

Then on Saturday we started driving back... very long drive. mjeee. but then we went direct out. Saturday was a good night.


And now I'm on holiday and my best friend is not at school (HMMM hehehe), so we're sitting on Skype and entertaining one and another. Don't we make a good couple?

Cheers for now


3 kommentarer:

  1. Hahah! de høyrtes arti ut! :D
    Duff!=Drit kult!
    Pringles=FU! :O
    So stili maling/grafitti!
    Fine dokke va på skype! :P
    Katia kjem du til Norge? :D Og Volda!?

  2. So kjekt å lese dei fine reiseskildringane dine :-) nesten som å vere på tur sjølv detta !
    No er det Frankrike / Paris som står for tur i april eller ?
    Kule bilder sjølvsagt og fine kommentarar . klem mammma

  3. Hm.. must be hard drinking bears, man.. :P
    Jada, neida, sådet. Knall!