Swiss people

Before I went to Switzerland, AFS prepared us for things such as a major culture shock, lots of confusion and a lot of shitting your pants in public (sort of speak). So far I don't feel like I've done this. Yes, I have made a fool of myself a time or two, but that's just me. I do stupid stuff all the time. There's nothing shocking about this culture, apart from the fact that it's absolutely amazing. No, now I'm lying, there's one thing that has shook me a little bit; the smoking. Normal cigarettes I did expect, but the amount of weed that young people here smoke is just.. flabbergasting. Like the first weekend when we took the night bus back there were people smoking weed in the bus. To be honest I think people can smoke as much weed as they want, but they could be considerate enough not to do it around people who don't. The smell makes me incredibly sick. Bluh. Apart from that I only find it funny that there are so many cats everywhere. They just lie in the grass here and there and do nothing. It's kinda cool.

I'm halfway in my second week of the German course. I had a good start, and then I sorta fell off the load and understood nothing for a few days. Today however; I felt good about my German. Or, not good, but decent. I was so decent that on my Reflexion (the thing our teacher makes us write every day to keep a diary of what we've learnt) my teacher wrote to me that I should write full sentences. This means she thinks I'm good enough to write full sentences! Maajor lift. Apart from that I had also done most of my homework right. It sounds stupid, but I have the need to be good at pretty much anything academic, because I'm not at all used to be the stupid kid in class; and I've felt stupid for a week. I like to be smart, it's one of the things I have. Anyways; today was a great boost and I feel very good about myself. Sooo looking forward to being able to talk enough to be understood and understand. It'll be cool, and I can make lots of friends because they don't have to worry about them sucking in English (as they all say at least twice during a conversation with me even though I understand them perfectly).

Also I'm starting to reeaaaalllyyyyy look forward to winter. I wanna snowboard so bad. I'm actually considering to buy a new snowboard while I'm here, mostly because the one I have at home is absolute shit and I want a board that matches my jacket (yes, I am that shallow sometimes).

How awesome doesn't this look?

Apart from that I'd like to tell everyone that my new mate Mac (who's real name is Simon?) is kinda gay but still fun.

Cheers for now


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