Warning, photos taken completely out of context.

I found this cute internet site some other day. Sadly I don't remember the link, but I'm sure I'll find it again and post more photos! It's just a random fact every day (I'm not surprised that I knew more of half of them from before, lol'd).

Hehehehe. Ej å du Jarnfrid.. ej å duuuuu knis

Just a shortie for today, on Christmas Eve or Christmas day I'll try to make a really big (riesen gross) post. And then when the holiday is over I'll do my best to be funny and actually talk about stuff that has to do with Switzerland and my exchange year (do account for some random stuff though).

This will be my signature style all through winter. Why? It's warm, it looks alright and it soo comfortable. I love this t-shirt, and my new woolen tights my mom sent me (and the 17 (14?) pairs of socks she sent me too). Good stuff, good stuff. Kinda cool actually, socks (which you can't see) are Angora wool in other words from Angora, tee bought in London, underwear from switzerland (also a can't see), tights from Norway (I assume) and the cardigan is from Italy. Woopwoop

The thing is that I can sit on the train and listen to music and have a million of thoughts about what I can write here, about what's good and what I know people would like to know (both Norwegian and Swiss), and then I sit down to write it. And nothing comes out. I mean, I dunno. There has to be something about my room/house that ruins my creativity (I'm serious, I've felt a huge downfall in lust and ability of making creative stuff since I came here(has nothing to do with the family, maybe just my surroundings)). This is bad, because I like doing creative stuff. It's always something I've been able to do if I feel down and I've always done it good/good enough. You know?

This is the kinda stuff I did to pass time whilst sick (failed to mention that I've been sick on/off pretty much for three weeks and I've ended up ruining my sleeping rhythm (read: slept anything from 0 hours to 14 hours per day..). Extremely creative, I know..

Anyways, it's soon Christmas, and I'm starting to look forward to it. I don't have the same mood I get in Norway, but that probably has something to do with the surroundings too. Anyways, I'm not not looking forward to it anymore, and to me, that's one big step forward!

Hahah, this is todays geography lesson. The good sketches are obviously not mine. There are also a few more pieces of paper, but I don't have them. Maybe they're not finished yet? Either way. Best. School day. Ever.

Cheers for now


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  1. hei vennen min ! , lurer på om du kanskje ikkje e heilt på topp for tida ? , ser ut som du he vorte litt for tynn ! Det kan ha noko med at du er mykje sjuk , du er vanlegvis frisk heile tida veit du. Mat og helse heng saman, det kan vere at du må ta deg nokre vitaminer sidan du kanskje ikkje får nok variasjon i kosten . Det er vel ikkje so mykje fiskemiddag i sveits kanskje ? sjå om du får tak i vitaminer og noko tranliknande på butikken .
    Vart litt vemodig når eg såg videoen din under , du har rett og slett heimlengsel , men det er heldigvis ikkje noko farleg , berre litt trist :-) Du veit vi saknar deg , men det er som dei sei kanskje rett at vi ikkje dveler so mykje med det no når jula er rett rundt hjørnet og det vert kanskje berre verre ..... Husk å snakke med familien din dersom du ikkje har det bra , di er heilt sikkert gode på det med heimlengsel :-) klem mamma

  2. "If the sharks go upside down, they slip into coma" HAHAHAHAHAH :D:D:D:D

    Berre vent til gaven, berre vent! :D

  3. How well I remember that day.. :)