So, Christmas. I'll just get right to it. It was different. There's no doubt about that. We had something french, pizza-ish for dinner. It wasn't Christmas, but it was very good. We played some Christmas songs (Norwegian, German and English ones) on youtube on guitar or just a cappella. Then we talked and opened our presents (where I had a few more than the others, hihi).

THANKYOU EVERYONE. My presents were awesome! I loved them all! I don't know if I want to start writing up all the stuff I got, but I don't want people do know exactly how spoiled I am.

Apart from that I've been boarding every morning, and if I dare to say it myself, I've made a little bit progress. It's not a lot, but it's something. I'm looking forward to actually reach a decent level, so that I can do real jumps and tricks. Until then, I'll just stay at the tiny little lumps I'm doing atm.

So this is where I snowboard.

It's been kinda cold lately..

Tomorrow is new years and I'm probably going out to celebrate with friends. Apart from that my agenda is starting to fill up: Everyday go snowboarding (seeing as I've got a season pass and still a week and a half of vacation), then school starts (and now I have to work. Buh), then Hannah is going to Canada (CRYING), then we've got another week of vacation in the start of february (snowboarding!!), then sometime in that near future my birthday is coming up (Lisa and I have found out what we're gonna give each other, but I'm gonna talk about that laterrr), then I've got this English test I've gotta doo, then we've got the school prom thing, then Lisa and I will (hopefully throw a big party together), then Easter's up and then I'll be going to Germany (Munich (München) and some other place), then Lisa and I plan to go to Paris for a long weekend sometime in April/May, then there's some festival sometime in June/July and.. then I'm back. I don't know. I have this feeling it's gonna go extremely fast. And now that I'm done with Christmas (which I have dreaded and turned out not to be so bad), I don't want it to rush by. I just know I'll do my best to stay happy all the time and just make sure I make the best out of my last few months here.

I dunno bout you guys, but fireworks kinda scare me. Might have something to do with me almost being hit last (?) year, but it looks nice. I just keep a healthy distance when they're being fired.

Now you all know a little bit about what I'm doing the next few months, and since I'm in addition plan to start working out like I normally do (at least once a day, preferably a few times a week two..), you might understand how I'll be busy. But I like it like that. Sitting still way too much sucks. But I'll then also try to write about swiss life and not just, I dunno, random shit.

So I'm going here (with AFS). It looks nice. I've never been in Germany before, but I'm sure it'll be good (read: cheap!).

And hopefully I'm going here! I've been to Paris once, but I was a rebellious teenager and didn't really do anything. Now I'll (I hope) be going with someone who speaks fluent French and probs stay with her old host family. Good stuff.

So guys, happy new year. Be nice, and maybe santa will give you just as many cool presents next year as he did this year!

Cheers for now


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