I haven't written for some time. I know, it's boring. I guess since my dad sent me a mail on facebook where he was wondering if I was still alive (not his exact words, but anygay) I had to just post something. I don't (lol, the song I'm playing sang that at the e x a c t same time that I wrote it!) feel like writing anything special. I'll do that later. I feel stressed out and tired for no reason, and tbh I don't look forward to Christmas this year.

BUT(+T hheheh), let's see. Happy Sunny here. What have I been doing lately?

Eating Fondue - the swiss speciality. I'm sorry, I don't really like it. It's edible, but I'm never gonna have the thought "Right now I'd like to eat some Fondue!" Melted cheese really isn't my thing.

I've got a boob job. I mean, the price was right! (Gosh, I'm so funny)

I've danced around in sparkles. I don't know, but I like this photo of me. It's from the night when me and Hannah were together on a Friday for the first time (well, not first time, but you get the deal, we were out out). Because now she's 16 and we can finally do cool stuff together!

I've started doing my homework - Norwegian style.

I've received a package from my aunt! (I received one from my other aunt too, but I sadly don't have a photo) It looks so awesome, I mean. It's simply cool. Lovin' it!

I've been in Zürich swimming in the lake (I know, not a photo of exactly that, but this was on the way there). I might put up a vid (cause I do have one), but then I have to find a way to put bleeps on it first..

This weekend sometime when going to the toilet I saw this adorable thing standing right outside the toilet door! I just almost melted and had to tell everyone about it later!

Ej berre drømme om dagen då ej kan gå inn på KIMI og ha so stort utvalg i yoghurt! For ALT her e faktisk yoghurt! Helt til enden av bildet! Tenk det da!

A bench somewhere near the school area. I just found it a good thing to photograph. Swiss people love smoking, be it cigarettes, water pipes, pipes in general or other.. healthy stuff.

Sometimes you have to enjoy a very expensive coffee even though you can't really afford it. And then it's extra worth it when it looks like this

Huska at på pizzakvelden (i Italia.. ej e veldig treig med å få bildene frå mobilen til dataen) satt vi å venta fordi vi va altfor tidlig ute og hadde ikkje reservesjon enda. So sitte vi på en anna plass der dei voksne dela ei flaske vin og so ser ej ditte på andre sida av gata. Som den tullingen ej e måtte ej sjølvsagt få ei latterkrampe, der ingen andre forsto koffor ej lo..

Haha, middagen i dag!

Here they don't have ham (I dunno, ham is made from pigs, right?) sandwiches, they have piggy sandwiches. I think is a good enough reason to visit Switzerland.

A small mix here, but it's needed. To weigh up for it I might something (very short) in German some time soon. We'll see. I'm trying to (read: I'm too lazy to have done it yet) get the time to make another vid blog where I speak all three languages. Or at least two. We'll see. Anyways, enjoy your weekend.

Oh, and I can now go snowboarding until.. I dunno. March or something (I know, short season.. I've been told how I can't go snowboarding during easter, and easter is now ruined!). So well,, maybe photos will come, maybe I'll break a leg. WHO KNOWS. Maybe I'll die, seeing as I don't wear a helmet and I'll be blinded by the sun if we get good weather.

Cheers for now


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