As the people who read my blog already know; I went back to Norway. Sat-Thurs. Today (as I was back in Swiss school and met all the peeps), a lot of people asked me how it was, how I'm doing (and - not mentioning names - from some the first question I received was: "was the funeral sad?". Retarded. Sorry. I just don't find that appropriate) and so on. The thing is that there are so many different emotions tied down to having to go home for such an occasion. It was nice coming back and meeting my family and friends and so, but at the same time the reason I went gave me the feeling that I couldn't enjoy it properly. I wasn't really supposed to go there. And so it felt really good coming back here. I feel very comfortable in Switzerland, I do. I'm sure going back to Norway will be a lot more fun when I go back in summer (when I'm supposed to go back).

Took this photo from one of the three flights I was on. This is how my hometown looked like yesterday.

Anyways. To most peoples' surprise; I hate flying. Haaate it. I love traveling, but I hate flying. You might say that boat and/or train is ideal, but no. Boats make me sick and trains tend to take too long (I am one impatient bastard when it comes to traveling). It's not like I'm crying inside when I'm flying. Hoooowever. I do tend to breath quickly (especially during landing and takeoff) and sweat more (sexy I know). Another thing that bugs me about flying; aall the people. My god. If you hate me and want me to suffer, shut me inside a huge airport (like Schipol. Die) with millions of people. I go insane. I swear. I can't take it. For an hour, it's alright, but when I'm bored at looking at random people, getting tired/hungry/thirsty/tired of peeing (eheh), it stinks.

Flying does bring some joys. In Norwegian this is pretty funny. HEHE.

And not to talk about the flight itself. It's impossible. I'm glad I'm not stepping on an airplane again until July. And then probably a few more times in July/August. But whatever. I'll live.

AAAAAAW. My mop (his name is Gizmo, but you can see where I have the nickname from). Look at how big he iis. Looking forward to meeting this fella again.

Sonst (heheheeey, German being infiltrated), I had my country presentation today. I was well prepared; powerpoint presentation, que cards (that I actually read through) and all was good. But. Seeing as I was home about half past twelve last night, and didn't go to bed until waaaay later. I told the que cards to eat shit, and just did whatever (looked at my PP pictures and took it from there). I mean, I've lived there for 17,5 years, how hard can it be? I think it went alright though, they told me I did good. And they did laugh about as much as I wanted them to (I was going for comedy, and it's nice knowing that I can be funny sometimes).

My bestest friend Jeffy came to see me at the airport in Oslo (had to wait 5 hours. WOOhoo..). But with her it was fun afterall! As allllways. As you can see, we took some charming photos.

This is me, climbing out of my suitcase, after fitting inside it. BELIEVE it. I can bring myself as luggage. BEat that (it wasn't comfortable, if you're wondering). Just a random photo I like.

And guess what. I've got a week off. Woopwoop. What will I dooooo? HMM. It's snowing. I won't be sleeping in. Actually I've got a fair share of stuff to do. Loveit.


Cheers for now


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  1. Høres herli ut! ;D Hahah! ! han hekje auge!! ^^ Ej også hata og fly!! de e heilt forferdeli!! trangt og hompete og alt!!! FY og FY! ;)

  2. Uuunnskyld for at ej tek ditta her i et sånt innlegg, kondolerer og sånn |:

    Men, ej skal til Geneva på menneskerettighetskonferanse fra 7-11 mars, du kan vel ikkje møte mej der? : DD

  3. Ej ser ut som ei kråke :´)