I'm just gonna lay myself flat out there. I'm a terrible blogger. I do have a lot of stuff I want to share. I can sit on the train and see something and be like "haha, I'm gonna write this on my blog," and then I just never do. Tut mir leeeeeid. But it's like that. I just happen to be a very lazy person when it comes to doing stuff that takes a fare amount of time (writing a blog post takes longer than you would guess!). And besides, I've been on holidays. I've been up early every morning and - well duuh - late in bed. Sleeping in? With one meter of snow? What? Na-ah, no way. Up at 8 every morning (almost every morning at least). I can sleep when I'm old!
(Don't worry mum and dad, I have been staying away from the avalanches, I haven't been breaking any bones (just hurt my shoulder, but it's all good now hih))

Nice picture of me (pretty old). Just for you.

Annnyyyway. Sometime, this week, I will write something meaningful (wednesday, I think). And then the next time you all hear from me, I'll be back from Paris! Weeeeee! I'm going to Paris on Friday. not looking forward to sitting 11h on the train (seeing as I can't sleep. I hate myself for not being able to sleep when I'm some sort of transport (bus,car,train,airplane,boat, you name it. If it's moving I have a hard time sleeping)). And then we'll see. I'm feeling kinda guilty not writing at least one post every week. I'll try to squeeze in one more. Like, one every fifth day or something (won't happen). But by all means, be patient. I know more people might be reading this, but I hear nothing from them, and my brain needs direct contact. When not I use it as an excuse not to write.

I'll get a grip. Promize.

Cheers for now


2 kommentarer:

  1. :D Ditte e 3 gangen ej e inne i dag! her va noke! Å du må ha en go tur til paris! Og so lenge du skrive avogtil e de bra!:D

  2. Haha, ej sjekka bloggane dokke daglig, blitt en vanesak! Åh, ej me vil til Paris! Håpe du fe en kjempebra tur!