I know. It's beeeeenn. 12 days since I posted. I'm sorry (Susanne! Slutt å være so flink til å blogge!). I'm just not feeling it, seeing as the younger sister is fleeing the country (read: leaving me!) and I have to start doing anything at all in school. I dunno. Oh, and I'm sick again..

In the meantime enjoy this

For a costume party Hannah and I dressed as Norwegian snow bimbo's! Big hit!

How my hair looked on New years! Haha, well, here it wasn't finished yet. But it was still just the look on my face (and my sexy, manly shoulders) that convinced me to post this photo anyways.

Sometime next week I'll write something. I'm sure.



3 kommentarer:

  1. Hahhah! Herli utkledning!!! og nice fjes på de andre bilde ;P

    ej he btw ikkje henta gava oppe me dej :$ ej syns de virka so teit å fare å gjere de no!! :Ø :S xD :) !!

  2. Heh;P Skal fare opp!! Må manne mej litt opp først! ;P

    Koffor serkej du de viss ej sende melding ?? :p