Paris (vol 1)

This will be the very short version, for you lazy readers who like to watch photos!
(Don't worry, I prefer that too sometimes)

This is what I brought with me

This is how we started the trip

But what did we do in Paris?

Here's a hint

Hehehe, Not even gonna tell you if it's true or not.
We did however also..

Take the mandatory amount of photos of the Eiffel tower.

Have a look at the Champs-Élysées

Go see the Louvre. I happened to find these trees just as interesting. They house birds!

We watched some art (Pampidou).

I had myself distracted whenever I saw something that had to do with Norway.

Walked many of the beautiful streets of Paris

Drank a lot of coffee in French Cafés

Chilled out after walking.. a lot.

And this (on the way back) is where I wanted to kill myself and realized that I would have to endure 7 hours without music.

The rest will coome.. sometime!

Cheers for now


3 kommentarer:

  1. haha looove it ! I looove your picture I was like "oh, this is pigalle, and this montmarte, and ... oh fuck I wanna go back to Paris!!!" lol ! Anyway, I'm impressed, your Champs Elysées pic is a lot better than any of the ones I've taken in my whole life... Didn't all the cars always come in the way? It was sooo annoying when I was there! lol

  2. Hahhaa!!:D
    So gøy de såg ut!^^