Paris (vol 2)

Alright, as you might or might not know, we managed to get a lot of stuff done in just a few days. So vol 2 will not be as short as vol 1, but I will only be covering Friday and Saturday. If not I'll be writing this forever.

So, starting at the beginning. We took the train from Schwanden at 8pm and headed towards Zürich. We were supposed to go at 6 or 7, but we realized that if we went at 8, we still had to wait one hour in Basel. And we decided we'd leave at 8 instead.

Traveling essentials.

We went Glarus-Zurich-Basel. In Basel we waited about an hour for a bus that was taking us to Mulhuse (No idea how I really write it, but it's in France..), where we had to wait from 01.15 until 03.45 for our train. We agreed this was shit, but we'd live it through. We figured we'd just sit at the train station and do what we had actually planned to do (homework ftw..).

But then, our good luck stepped in. We arrived at Mulhuse at 01.20, and were about 50m from the train station. It was empty. First we figured no one were there, and found this alright, because then we could just spread out and stuff. But no. It was closed. from 00.30-03.30. It was 1.30 in the morning and the station didn't open for two hours. Did I mention it was cold?

I swear to god I thought we'd freeze to death. We decided there was no way we'd survive two hours in this cold, so we went like to the other other side of the (big) street. Well, more across a park or something. Here was a hotel. We went in and asked if it was okay if we could sit in the reception for one or two hours. We swore we wouldn't be loud and we'd behave. No, he couldn't, it wasn't allowed. But there was a restaurant somewhere around the back of the hotel, we could see there. We went searching.

Restaurant closed 01.30. Awesome. We met some guys and Lisa (who speaks French, tg) asked if there was a restaurant or bar or fast food place that was still open at this time of day. They gave us directions to a bar that they thought might still be open. Bar was closing when we got there. Great. We asked the owner(?) and the guy standing in the door if they knew something. "Only clubs are open after 01.30" he said. He then proceeded to give us directions to more than one club. It's not good, but at least it's something. They were all 18-up. Perfect. Thoughts of freezing to death returned as I started losing the feeling of my toes. Hour and a half until the station opens.

We decided to go back to the hotel and ask for a city map or something. We came back in and Lisa tried our luck; explained the situation and asked again. "Welll.. alright" he said. He showed us to a back room/salon where we could sit. I have honestly never been this happy to sit in a chair before. Ever. Later he brought us pillows if we wanted to rest. I did (can't sleep on bus, train ++). Slept (badly) on the floor. When we were about to go, we wanted to give him some chocolate as a thankyou (he did really save us), he refused to accept. And then, when we started saying goodbye, he said; "waitwait, I've gotta get something for you!" and he disappears for a second. We're getting a bill. I was sooo sure. And then he returns with BREAKFAST. I love this guy, forever.

Our amazing (and very French) breakfast! Complete with coffee/tea. After enjoying this, we almost missed our train. lol

But hey, we didn't miss it, just almost. We found our seats and I tried my hardest to sleep. My very, very hardest. I think I slept for like 5 minutes, because I remember listening to Jamie Cullum - Mixtape and closing my eyes, when I opened them there was another song (Karpe Diem something). Oh yeah, and Lisa was suddenly gone. I had to pee real bad, but figured she'd beat me to it and decided I'd wait. And I waited. And waited. When I was sure Lisa had managed to flush herself out the window or something, I hear someone cough. A lot. A-ha. Lisa had switched seats. Sneaky. Then I sat and looked out the window a few hours, still trying to sleep. Think I slept 5 min a few more times, but not sure. Then suddenly we were in Paris! And guess what? I had forgotten to pee!

We bought ourselves metro tickets, and started finding our way to where we were going: The apartment. We found the address, success! Then we go inside, and Lisa says "She lives on the sixth floor". Omfg. And we walked all the six floor all the way up. And then; sweet relief.

Stairs. Puh

Oh. Btw, now it's Saturday. We chilled at the place for a short hour and a half, I got to meet Lisa's host siblings. Very good people. We then proceeded to hit the streets of Paris. We went to drink coffee (first one). Went to some famous street/area (I've already forgotten what it's called). With lots of brand stores. You know, Prada, Dior, Gucci, Wang, eeeeeeeeer, and many more!

But there were also some H&M's, Zara's, stuff we could afford. So we decided to split up and the two others went to eat, and Lisa and I went to shop a little. Not gonna show what I bought because I cba to take photos. All in all I came back with a new pair of shoes, a dress, a tank top, a pair of pants, a pair of shorts and a blazer. I did good. Then later we met up with the brother (I'm not gonna mention names because I don't know if it's a-ok), had another coffee and then Lisa and I went back "home".

Went up allllll those stairs. Chilled. Then the brother came back. We chilled some more, and then we went to a different apartment because the neighbour was supposed to have a party, and we wouldn't have been able to sleep. We took the Metro for quite a while, ended up in Boulogne(?) where we entered another very nice apartment. I got to eat Crêpes! I like it. It was like norwegian pancakes, just thinner and less sweet. I liked it a lot! nomnom Then we watched a movie, the two other girls went to bed, then we watched another one, and went to bed.

We also went to see the eiffel tower briefly before shopping. Decided to back again when the weather was better.

So sometime, probs on Friday, when I've had the maths test I'm ignoring atm, I'll write part two. I'll put in some more photos then. Very lazy atm. I just cleaned my room for about 1,5 hours (did it very thoroughly), also just to ignore my maths test. I suck. lol Anyways, on Friday (Paris (vol 3)) I'll try to write better. But then I won't be depressed because of the test we'll be having (I might be depressed because of the test we've had, though..Hm).

Cheers for now.


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  1. Fun, fun, fun! :D
    Ej me vil til paris!

  2. Åh, høres ut som du hadde en kjempebra tur! Sjølv om dokke sleit litt i begynnelsen!
    Uff, håpe turen min og emil sin går bra :) vi reise i natt! GLER MEJ!
    Ej fekk foresten 5+ på matteprøva mi!!! Amazing!

    Love u <3

  3. ÅH SO FANTASTISK! Ej vil reise med dej igjen snart Solveig!!! Fekk brevet frå dej i dag forresten :D:D