So my departure is closing up with lightning speed. Today it's 27 days until I'm leaving, actually, in 27 days I'll be in Switzerland. But I like to think that it's 17 days, because from the 4th to the 15th I'll be gone to swim in Sweden for about 10 days. 32 hours of swimming. Heah, and I've barely been exercising properly all summer, so I'm sorta trying to kick my body back to reasonable fitness and I'm positive since todays run was twice as easy as yesterdays even though I did the exact same route.

What it should say here is; why the EU want's Norway as a member.

Yesterday I had a very delightful message. I've received a scholarship (I have no other word for scholarship but in Norway a scholarship doesn't work the same way they do in American teen movies)! I was expecting to get something in between 20-30K but noooh. I received 43K. Which is a lot. Calculated to euros it's almost 4800 euros. And my face was all happy and shit. Because this puts me in a very good financial situation - something of which I haven't been in for.. well, never! Woop woop!

This was my face when I received the email.

Now that that's alright, I'm a lot more chilled before I leave because the only thing I've got left is saying goodbye to people and packing. To be honest I'm more concerned about the packing... (not because I love material good more than my friends and family, but because I'm returning to these people so they can chill out. While what I bring will be crucial!) so I've started thinking about what to bring/what not to bring.

Look at this cute cub! I want one! I'll probably have to settle for a stuffed teddy version, which isn't as cute, but again it won't kill me.

Now if this doesn't melt your heart and makes you wanna hug it, then we can't be best friends. Ever.

This is Zante, some island somewhere in the world, where I'll someday lie on the beach and be like; "shit I'm livin it"

These lists are more for me than for you, watch the pretty pictures if you're bored

To bring:
Warm clothes
Expensive clothes (like my raincoat, skiing jacket(which is supercool and the most expensive garment I own))
Favourite garments
Some nice outfits
All of my pants (because I've grown accustomed to them and buying new underwear sux)
Four pairs of shoes (I've made the difficult decision of leaving my fav shoes behind - mostly because they've started to fall apart)
My favourite hat
Stuck between bringing two or five light jackets.. I know it's smart having some light jackets, and I really don't need more than perhaps two, but they match different things. I'll probably end up meeting myself halfway and bring three!
My favourite books (well, some of them.. and two books about Norway with lots of pictures in them to show people how similar our landscape is)
A variety of my favourite CD's and DVD's
My Mac (ilu), Ipod (ilu), camera (you're alright) and chargers for all these fckrs.
Gifts for my host family, but I've yet to find out what this will bee. Hm

Ever since I saw this photo almost a year ago, I think this is one of the sexiest men alive.

Not to bring - even though I really want to:

-My entire closet.. *weeps*
-Misc hair products like hairspray, hairgel++
I wanna bring these monkeys!


Cheers for now


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  1. I decided I'd have a monkey as a pet later. You made me laugh with the light jackets. Don't forget you're probably gonna buy things in Switzerland too!

  2. Me too! I'm gonna illegally bring one from the Philippines sometime!
    I know I will.. but what if I buy a pair of trousers that go perfect with a jacket I've got back here! I'd die! (or buy a very similar jacket)