Soo.. These last two weeks haven't been hectic, but I have been in Oslo and when I came home I had a visitor and no Internet, so nothing from me. But here ye, here ye; a summary of my last two weeks.

First I drove down to Oslo with my parents and my younger brother (always tempted to write baby brother, but he's no longer a baby... at least not all the time), and was in Oslo Tuesday morning. Jeff had some work thing going on, so I had to get my ass from the dock where we parked and up to where she lives in about 20 min to get a key and get in. Let me remind you that it was a 1000 degrees and I had trousers on (and Oslo is not known for it's windy conditions). So there I was, speeding up Karl Johan with a bag dragging behind me, sweating from everywhere and all I really wanted to do, was take the bottle of water I had in my bag out and take a long sip, but I couldn't.. It all ended well, and Jeff made the meeting, but none of her co-workers met so she just came back home. I changed into lighter clothes, and we headed out to meet Sonja! Which I haven't seen since Dec because she has been in France on exchange! Woop woop. So we went around and chilled with her for the rest of the day. Nize.

Oslo isn't really this beautiful all the time, but it has its charm when it's sunny outside.

On Wed we went to Tusenfryd! I suck at taking photos (meaning I brought my camera to Oslo and took about 11 pictures), so I swiped some of the net. We took all the cool rides, and also experienced something disturbing; taking a shortcut to one of the rides, we went through this trail thing. This is where we can thank my bad habit of looking down when I walk (most of the time, not always), because about a mm from Jeff's foot I saw this huuuuuuge maggot, and then you can imagine the rest; screaming, jumping, almost vomiting eetc. It turns out it was a small snake and that makes it even worse. In the end of the day (we were there for like four hours) we were dead tired and had to wait in the frying sun for the bus that was 20 min late. We went back home and just chilled out with brownies and a movie (I think).

The thundercoaster.

Thursday is kind of vague to me. I think Jeff was at work. I think. So I started the day with reading in the sun and stuff, and then when Jeff was finished at work we went out to get me a new pair of shoes, and first I had my heart broken shoe-wise, and then it was rescued again! All thanks to Jeffyyyy. And then we were planning to go swimming at some beach, but found out it was already about 8. pm already and thought naaah. Which was smart, because on the way back, it started raining. So we were like; yay, we didn't take the wrong decision. And when we got of at our stop (which is about 120m from Jeffs door) it started raining for real, so we thought it was good we lived so close. But then, out of nowhere, it started like tropical raining, but without the heat in the rain. It was insane! We had to take our towels out and put them on us and then run (with slippery slippers) to her door. We were soaked and spent a few hours indoors and at night we took an evening stroll. Just because we felt almost constipated from sitting too much.

This is what tropical rain looks like in the Philippines. It's wet.

Friday the entire family came. Because lots of her relatives are in the Phils right now, and they were spending the night at Jeffs so they didn't have to pay for hotel and stuff. So we slept at a friend's house. Going out for a midnight snack (well, they were. Being a vegetarian kebabs aren't really my thing), we took like a shortcut or something, and from a distance we saw this guy sleeping on the ground. First thought was like; silly man, drinking too much and going to sleep in the middle of nowhere. But when we came closer, we saw that he was unconscious and was bleeding from mouth and ears. Immediately Jeff took his pulse - which was barely there - while I called an ambulance. We were in a hidden sort of street so we told the ambulance we were gonna wave when they came. Suddenly a gazillion people gathered around and were like "is everything alright" balbalbalblabllllaa. We knew that if we weren't standing there they wouldn't have given a shit. Then this security guy came over, and the beat up guy started waking up, or, tried to wake up. And he said we could move on, because the less people that were there, the better. We felt we did a good deed!

Norwegian ambulances are yellow (I wrote that because I feel I have to put text under all photos if I out text under one)

When we woke up the next day, it was raining. And we were defo not dressed for rain. That sucked. We didn't do much that day. But more people came to visit Casa Jeff, this time a load of Filipinos that I am very familiar with (I'm like part of the family with Jeff, but I don't know her cousins). So Jeff slept and I watched tennis with them. It rained that day too. But when it stopped we went to Sonja just to talk girl talk and shit. It was much fun, especially since I won't see her for another year now. Mjee

Then I took the excruciating 11 hour bus ride home, but it was worth it, because when I stepped of the bus, I only had to wait about 15 minutes before my babe came! We were home alone all this week, and tbh we didn't do much. The weather was shit, and we did boring bf/gf stuff but it was a very nice week still.

Since my geography knowledge about Switzerland is very limited, this is where I think I'll be living. Somewhere close to Glarus!

And now for the big news! I HAVE A FAMILY! I'm going to live in Engi, Glarus in Switzerland! It wasn't French like I hoped, but I got over that very quickly, because my family seems really cool! I read over the rules, and I realized that a few things are gonna be quite different, but I'll adapt quickly. Right now I'm trying to write them an email and stuff! And it's also just 39 days until I leave! I can't believe it! It's gonna happen really fast, because this week I'm going to spend some time doing lots of shit I have to get done, and then going to a Jamie Cullum concert at a Jazz festival and also watch my brothers' band play at the same festival. And then continuing up to spend a few more days with my baby boy. Come home, spend lots of time with friends before I go to Sweden for this swimming camp thing. And when I come home from Sweden, I pretty much have to pack and get going. Wow!
Later I will update on this, maybe even put up some information on where I'm gonna live and the family and stuff! I'm so excited!!

Jamie Cullum on Thursday! Oh yeah!

Anywho, today the sun is shining, and when I finish my mail, I'm gonna sit out on the porch reading and enjoying some strawberries!

Cheers for now


Check out my brothers' band; Skullsplitters (the name of the band should tell you something about the genre)
Skullsplitters at myspace.

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  1. OMG i'm so happy for you! Your holidays sound really cool! I hope the family in Switzerland is gonna be great! I have to write you an email sometime! My cousin leaves on Thursday so i'll get time afterwards!