New, neu, nouveau

22 days left. Or actually 11 since I'm gonna be 11 days in Sweden before I leave (I leave for Sweden in 4 days), and I've started packing. It's so far just a tiny nightmare, but I haven't begun on all my tops and favourite garments yet, so I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a hell of a nightmare when I get that far..

Have in mind that I started braiding on Monday, so I feel I've got the hang of it pretty good! And it saves me a hell of a lot of money doing it for myself too!

Apart from that I have a new hobby; Macramé! No, I'm not braiding long carpets or anything, I'm trying to make decent necklaces, bracelets and ankle bracelets! And my friends are back home, so I finally feel like I've got a life again (although the sleeping too long and staying up too long is unaltered)! And bigbigbig news; We're getting a puppy! Tomorrow! It's supposed to be a Sunny-substitute while I'm in Switzerland. I'm not sure if I should look upon it as if they need something to replace my natural cuteness, or all my barking. I've got my fingers crossed on the first.

This is the race we're having, but different from this dog here (googleled) ours is all black. I don't know the race in English, but it's a schnauzer! And I've come up with the winning name proposition; Gizmo!

Cheers for now


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