Everlasting Love

Cliché title indeed. But summers are filled with clichés, so I feel it's appropriate.

On Wed, I was in Molde on the Molde Jazz festival to see Jamie Cullum. And I'm telling you, it was amazing! He has been one of my favourite artists for a long time, but now he is my favourite person! I'll admit I have a celebrity crush on Jamie Cullum!

A bit about the event itself; I started the day with watching my brothers' band play on an open stage and when they were finished my dad drove me (on his Harley) to where I had to stand in line - and managed to ignore all the signs that said no cameras - and had to go out of line, pay for some asses to almost lose my camera and get back in line again. Then I got inside and found Julie and Ida and sat down with them.

Mr Cullum

Warming up for Jamie was a group with a difficult name..eer.. something with a Q in it. They were sound, vary catchy. Played a lot of songs I've heard before, but I dunno if they made them or if they've covered them. Unfortunately for them, it started pouuuring down as hell when they were playing and people had to seek shelter. We had to get those huge plastic bags that you wear and look really cool in.

He is totally in his music, and that makes it even greater!

Then mr Cullum finally came on stage after a break, and he was so cuute. I mean, he's gorgeous. And it was still raining but the crowd was in a good mood. He started with "Singing in the Rain" and believe it or not, the rain stopped when he finished the song! That was soo decent! And so was the rest of the show! I mean, that's the biggest amount of energy I've seen in such a small person (because he is short)! He was bouncing all over the stage, and the vocals, and the bass, and drums and trumpets and guitar and piano and everything was awesome. At one point he even went in to the audience. We were well gutted, because he stopped where we stood like five minutes earlier, and I could've touched him.. Gutteeeeed

Just look at him, wooow

After that we went and checked on life and such. Fun night all in all. Not a big fan of sleeping in a tent (actually I hate it) and woke up half way chocked and with my body screaming for water (but we had none) and we had breakfast and my cousins and my brother drove back home while I wandered around in Molde waiting to take the bus to spend the weekend with my babe!

A photo from the camping (not taken by me)

We went camping, which has always been something I've never really understood the whole camping thing before, but now I do. I had a great time. The weather was very sunny - though a bit too windy for me (I can live with a breeze, but I go cold quickly) - and we did stuff that I rarely do; we went out with his boat, played monopoly, cards, some weird game where you throw sticks and I learned a new game called Rummicub. I even went swimming (well, jumped off the boat and then climbed up immediately). All in all I've had a great weekend and looking forward to a stressing coming few weeks.

Todays lulz


Cheers for now


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  1. OMG Sunny I can't believe you've seen him on Wed and then two days later he was here and I saw him at the Juan Les Pins Jazz Festival xD!!!! I almost did an article on my blog and then I thought "non nobody's gonna care, nobody knows him" and actually.... lol