Almost there

I can't believe it! I just can't! I don't know what to think, how to feel, I'm so confused, and a little bit stressed, but mostly excited! On Friday (today is Sunday) this time I'm on the airplane to Zurich about to commence on a completely new year! It seems like these last few months since I was accepted into the program has flown by me in hyper speed. It's both sad and amazing at the same time!
I just googled Switzerland, heha.

The super man

Last night around 1pm I returned from Sweden, where I have been swimming. It went alright, I was in better shape than I thought, but I wasn't really that motivated to train really hard, so I just tried having as much fun as I could. It was the last 10 days I got to spend with my boyfriend, who is no longer my boyfriend. I still care insanely about him, and many tears were shed both during the week and especially on the bus ride home last night. It's about a year until I get to see him again, and I know I'm gonna get used to the thought, but right now it just hurts. A whole lot and more than that.

This needs no caption

Anyways, pretty much everyday there was sunny (!my name!), filled with laughter, swimming and great people. The trainer for KSLK and Norodd IL is probably one of the people in the world I respect the most, and I'm not the only one. There was however a very, very special man I got to see, hear about and admire during this camp: Anders Olsson. Here and you can find out more about him, it can be translated to English so anyone can read it. What I can tell you though, is that closer to Superman is hard to get. This man is paralytic from his waist down, but still has 55 world records in swimming. He swims with only his arms and he can do the most amazing things. He is pure inspiration. The things this man has managed to do is worthy history and he has surely written his name in it.


Right now I've started packing a little bit more seriously for Swiss, and even though I had beforehand made a plan about what I was gonna do everyday until my departure, I've decided to enjoy my last few days here and just get up early everyday so that I can get things done. Tonight I'm going to a girl in my class where all the girls are gathering to have a good time. I have to socialize myself and get my mind on different thoughts because I'm still very upset, and I don't expect it to be okay for a while. Have to just keep myself busy.


Cheers for now


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