"It's not good, it's not bad - it's just different"

After this post I don't think I'll be bothered to blog anymore until I'm either on my way to Switzerland or already there. All I know is that now, when I look over at my bigbigbig suitcase filled with all my favorite things, I'm thrilled. I've taken AFS's advise and I'm not filling myself up with expectations, but I can't help being excited. I leave in 3 days. I have 3 more nights left in the country I've lived in and known my entire life. I'm like a little kid but this is way better than Christmas eve and my birthday all together! I've been exchanging mails on Facebook with one of my host sisters (Lisa) and when I arrive in Glarus there's a music festival there, she asked me if I wanted to go and really I can't imagine a better way to start my year! I love music, and I love festivals and I have a very good feeling about my year! Also I'm no longer confused. Excited, excited, excited!

I'm like this

And when a catchy tune is on I'm like this

And I also feel like this

Other is that when I started packing my suitcase, I for once decided to do it properly - so thorough that I wrote a list of everything I put in my suitcase! Just because I'm thinking I might have forgot something I'll write down everything I'm bringing, and if there's something vital I need to bring; dear God tell me. Thankies.


My Volcom jacket for snowboarding, a raincoat and a blue winter coat for more festive occasions. Two light outer jackets; one blue and one grey with a cheetah print. My trainers, a pair of sandals and a my new flip flops. My eight favourite pants and four favourite bras including my favourite sports bra (relax, I will by more underwear). Two pairs of woolen socks. four light scarves, one buff, one knitted neck and two hats; one purple (fav) and one brown (for snowboarding). My black swimsuit, two swimming caps and my fav goggles. Eight pairs of tights; training, blue, purple, flower printed, zebra printed, woolen and two grey nylon ones (one dark and one bright). A high-waist black skirt and a colourful dress. A vintage vest, waist belt and hippie shirt. Two large grey sweaters and one tight fitted one. A pair of grey/red/white/anything else shorts, a pair of high waist black shorts and my denim shorts (fav). Two black tank tops, three white ones, a green tube top, two white tops, one plain white tee, two coloured ones (bought in London) and my new green Puma t-shirt. A woolen undershirt (a musthave during cold winters anywhere). My navy blue cardigan, two brown belts and a bikini.

This is what my room has looked like these last few days


Disposable razors - so that I'll not become a beast until I get a proper one. A Buddha jewlery box with my favourite rings and necklaces in it. A silky Chinese bag with all my bigger necklaces and bracelets in them. Eight books; a book about Sunnmøre, The Alchemist, Jane Eyre, a how-to-macramé book, A Beggar in Jerusalem, Ian Dierach and Papillion (which I'm currently reading). Seven videos; My Audrey Hepbrun collection (a three piece), Miniscule, Mansfield Park, Le Destion Fabuleux d'Amelie Poulain and Jane Eyre. Eleven CD's; Two Bokkereidards Blues Band CD's (my dads' band), Minor Minority, Jamie Cullum, Michael Bublé, U2, two Kanye West CD's, Bloc Party, Blondie and Garbage. The beautiful stationary I got from Susanne today, my external hard drive and my portable ipod speakers.

Things I'm bringing but are not in my suitcase yet; a pair of jeans and a pair of harem trousers (are they called harem trousers in English?), presents for my host family, my new hairspray (I had to buy one in Sweden because it was too cheap), various chargers and technological stupidities, anything I can't bring through customs (my tiny and very unsharp yellow scissors) and any other things I would've forgotten - because I've definitely forgot something.

Bye bye Norway!

Other I just took a round in town with my dad (looking ever so cool on his Harley Davidson) saying goodbye to aunts and uncles and my godparents before leaving. Tomorrow I'm saying bye to my friends at school and of course my beloved, fantastic and worlds best grandma! It'll be a hectic, probably a little bit emotional last day in Volda. But as I said, I'm excited, excited, excited!! (<--Two exclamation points!)

Cheers for now


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