Today I woke up around 8am because Gizmo was crying uspstairs. He had to pee. And he also had a lot he wanted to do; play, bite, have a trip around the garden 3 times, pee indoors, bite more, cry more, and finally go to sleep after two hours. He's lucky he's dead cute, cause if not he'd never get away with such behavior.

Right now I should be cleaning my room, I should be packing and getting everything ready, I should be doing a lot of things. But I'm not in the mood to do anything. I'm too confused, and I don't think I've been like this before. So I decided to do some window-shopping; on the internet! One of my favorite hobbies. I can feel my scholarship lying on my bank account just crying to me to spend it on all those amazing things I see, but I wont, and feel pretty proud about it.

All images taken from these online stores; TopShop, Chap n Ile and Mon and from Ebay.

My wish list

A nice collection of tops and upper body garments. Lately I've been trying to steer away from the extreme colourful me that I was only a few months ago, and been falling more and more in love with smoother, earthlier colours. I want a more classical and relaxed style, but still gracious and feminine. 1 and 3 is something I would wear for a party or something festive. 1 appealed to the late colourful Sunny since it was sparkly and would attract attention but not screaming, while 3 would give a more rocked out look, look good with skinny jeans. 2 is a very fine coat, appropriate for early fall/spring. Outfits 4, 5 and 6 are all very close to the exact style I'm digging out from deep within myself. I'm not really a dress person (my body language isn't gracious enough for dresses yet), but I fell for exactly that one.

I've been wanting a blazer ever since we were in London during Easter. I really want one, so I'll have to get one sometime, I just have to find the right one. You know when you get the feeling in the store and you're just cruzin' and then suddenly a garment catches your eye and you know you have to get it. I want a blazer that gives me that feeling. I didn't fall for the colours of the blazer here (1) but the shape and length was very nice. 2 is something that would work good for me on my baggy-clothed days, just to spice it up and not go all black. 3 and 4 are accessories, which is always necessary. 5 is just a friggin rockin vest, a musthave. And 6 is an awesome cardigan. I really like cardigans because most of them look good both open and closed, which basically makes it a double outfit garment.

If I see blazer 1 in a store, I'll get the "this is made for me" feeling. I love it. Loooove it. I know summer is over but the top is just too cute to not make it to my wish list. And if the necklace doesn't say gracious and feminine I'm bound to have a hip-hoppy male style. Because to me it hardly gets more female. I'm a shoe-maniac, and those shoes/sandals just hit a home run with their awesomeness.

The colourful me isn't completely gone, and I've agreed with myself that small garments can be as colourful and sparkly as they want to as long as I tone the outfit down with more earthly colours. So number one gets a green light even though it's purple! I've been looking for something like 2 for a very long time, but every time I find something that looks good, it has something to ruin it, like bolts or some other crap. Bluh. And then we have a nice vest that looks very cute (I feel it would look good with a top I have recently bought). The bracelet is perfect, nothing more to it. And the dress just gave me that summer feeling so if I'll ever look good in a dress I'll own one of these.

Fact; in this post I've wrote the words garment 5 times and colour 7 times.

Cheers for now


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