Kung-fu fighting

Well, I have promised (and I'm sure it's expected of me) to show some differences between Switzerland and Norway. I honestly don't know what it is, but I don't feel like I've gotten a culture shock of any kind. The only thing that sucks is that sometimes I get homesick. Mostly at night (when in Norway I'd normally be swimming/training or buried in homework I hadn't done yet) or when something that makes me think of someone/thing. Like the other day I decided I wanted to have a braid in my hair, and then I started thinking of Kamilla, who would alway braid my hair in a gazillion ways (when I had long hair), and then that moved further on to all the good times I've had with my friends the past year. And there we go, I got upset and.. oh my god, I'm listening to the tv in the background and there is such a thing as the worlds most expensive bed. It costs 60 000 Euros.. wow

It just fits too good with what I wrote.

This is how I've learned to deal with my homesickness, I let myself get distracted. I'll tell you, it works like hell! Something else that's working as hell, is school. This is one of the places where I see the biggest difference between Norway and Switzerland. I will not claim myself as professor in Swiss educations systems, but I have started to wrap my mind around this now.

Whereas in Norway we can't really become anything without going to school first, here they choose wether they want to go to uni or not at the age of 12 (I'm sure there are loopholes, but I haven't picked that up yet). In other words where we feel like we are being forced to going to school everyday for about 13 years, these suckers choose it. heah, nah, I'd choose it too, but that's because I've always known I wanna be highly educated (there have been times where I was willing to drop it to become a ninja, but then I realized I can't really jump that high..). What I want to study I still don't know.

Picture irrelevant, I just hate it when there's too much text. I know that photos are a lot more fun to watch. I just happen to have this kind of humour (looked through my LOL map few days ago, and I almost peed myself, and then crawled under my bed in shame because I laughed at that stuff).

Anypoo, the differences. First of all they have taken the subject we in Norway call Science and made three subjects; Biology (this is okay), Chemistry LAB (this is also okay because I get to wear cool goggles once every two weeks) and Physics (this is not that okay..). They do pretty much the same as we do - just a lot more complicated (This might be because it's in German, but I like to think not). They concentrate deeply on more mathematical subjects (they don't offer Religion, politics, philosophy or subjects like that) and economics is mandatory. You can choose to have music, sports, italian and Latin too (not all of them, ofc), but I still sense a big difference in priorities.

It's a liiiiitle bit over the top, but you have to admit you smiled just a tiny bit?

Schooldays are definitely longer, they have homework (in Norway you can get by without doing your homework, just read to all the tests and do the hand-ins and you'll be okay), they have more tests than oral performances and I am extremely convinced that the country of Switzerland hate the rainforest. In every subject there is an insane amount of paper handed out to every student all the time. I get why and tbh I'm too tired to be bothered to discuss this back and forth (I know I'm right anyways), but if I ever end up here teaching, I'll be printing on both sides..

On the other hand, if they were printing on both sides I wouldn't be able to draw ninjas on the back. Epic ninja fight will take place next Monday when I also have two extremely boring hours of PP. Haha, btw, one guy in my class (being good here, not mentioning names) has read my blog and found out about my habit of drawing ninjas (damnit, wasn't very ninja of me to post it here, but oh well.), and today he drew ninjas in English class and showed them to me. This seriously made my week

I don't know what other differences in the school system I can explain (I do, but simpsons is on), and when I am very inspired I'll give you a five page long essay of some kind. Apart from being homesick from time to time, things are going great here. The most amazing thing has happened; I'm actually looking forward to going to school (Yeah, apart from the getting up before the sun thing)! Who would've thought? I received 3 high-fives today, this means that I've done enough good for one day.

Oh did you happen to notice up here that I said I heard the Tv? I don't have to look directly at the tv and concentrate deeply to know what they're talking about anymore! Yay me!

Cheers for now


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  1. That's cool ! It's amazing how quickly you learned german ! I've been studying Spanish for like 5 years and I still don't understand when I see a movie in spanish !

    It really seems like school in Switzerland is pertty much the same as in France. Maybe we're not THAT good at sciences but still the best students always go study maths, physics and biology (and that's why I chose to study ... hum... Litterature and Philosophy lol) !

    Anyways, I'm really sorry for not answering your mail. I probably will do it someday, in the last few weeks I just haven't been inspired at all.


  2. Heheh ;D sunt å ha litt heimlengsel;) Gjett ka vi skal på frdag då, vi skal sta å kjøpe ei gåååveee!!^^ trur vertfall de va fredag;P (vissduikkjeskjøntedesovadetildej:)))) Vi savna dej! ^^ <3