I'm alive!

Alright, so I'm trying to get this blogging back on track! Blogging about everyday life in Switzerland gets really boring. Wanna know why? Because it's every day life. I mean, there's really nothing interesting to write about.. Alsoo, it might be that I have been dead tired for the last week (two weeks?), and just had no inspiration to write or anything.

Just to keep you updated; I still live in a piece of artwork.

In addition, I've had a little downer. By now it's long gone, and things are picking up. I mean, things are just fantastic. I've got a great family, starting to make friends on my own, and my class just kicks ass (some teachers are not as great, but I'll live).

Just to prove my statement above, I have included myself in a photo. I was there and this photo makes me speechless! Wow!

What do people want to know about this? Want to know exactly how I feel in writing moment? Want to know about swiss people? About my everyday swiss life? What are you all curious to know? Maybe you just want photos with a little bit of text? A new video (then you'll have to wait until I lose my voice again)? Give me themes! If not, I'll just ramble on once a week about food, homework, school and whatnot. Doubt I'll be as emotional and personal as I was below here. I realize how stupid it looks right now, but I don't have the heart to remove it. It is possible to miss someone and enjoy yourself at the same time!

I still have a huge grin on my face. AND HELP ME, I NEED TO DO SOMETHING WITH MY HAIR! WHAT TO DO? It sucks, because it's just too long and not long enough. SUCKS. MAKES ME ANGREY! (Haha! I wrote angry with an extra e just for bollocks, and it turned out to be a word! Doesn't show up in my dictionary, but my auto-correct isn't correcting it!)

There is something I would like to share, though!

Behold, my effectivity in class!

This is part of the first test (that has to stand in bold) I wrote in the Kanti! Woohoo. I've gotten a thing for drawing ninja's lately. I dunno why. Maybe because I feel like a ninja when I sit so close to the teacher drawing when I should be paying attention! (Don't worry, I pretty much only draw in economy, which just happens to be the last class on Mondays (well, almost last) and Tuesdays)

Another economy thing. We were given a newspaper article. I had a gazillion words I didn't know, so I marked them (that you can't see), and translated them (left). If you see all those tiny grey dots, it's an ultimate ninja fight going on. Don't know who's won yet, but I've got a Franc on the guy to the left.

I don't always draw stupid cartoonies! Was actually satisfied with this. Supposed to represent me; like, a two fishes (my zodiac, and the fact that I've done swimming pretty much my entire life (apart from here.........)) and then the things around is supposed to be flames representing the sun (well, do the math).

The one time I tried making notes in economy before I realized that I was very tired and couldn't read my teachers' handwriting.

You probs can't read what's in the center there. But all around the paper, there are tiny miniatures of animals (I've overlooked it more than once, no animal goes twice), and in the middle is says: "Economy is so much fun! I'm writing with my right hand, innit nice? I think so" in three languages. SKILZZ.

So, to sum things up; everything is going great. I'm great, school's great (inefficient, but great), glarus is great, Swisslandia is great.

Cheers for now


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3 kommentarer:

  1. I want to know.. what is the meaning of life?? hmm.


  2. Kjekt med blogg igjen Solveig !
    Det ser nesten litt vestlandsk ut på bilde med fjell og vatn !
    Du veit eg gler meg enno til å høre om Sveitsiske særtrekk :)
    E dei akkurat slik som oss eller e dei strengare , blidare , jobbar dei meir . Korleis e lærarane , skulesystmet ja alt liksom .
    Då he du no litt å jobbe med :)