Today is not going to be that much of a fun post. I'm gonna do my best not to sound too serious, but there's really something I need to get off my chest.

However I was tempted to post pictures here that would give the title a literal meaning. I know this would be too offensive even to be me.

Today we started school with two hours of P.E, like we always do. On Friday there's such a (cool) thing in my school called Volleyball-night, and because of this we've been playing a deecent (imo little bit too much) amount of Volleyball in gym class. However, last Wednesday we played with the boys. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but here they actually split boys and girls in gym. Which I find right out stupid. Anyways, here I come rushing to school as usual, looking forward to playing volleyball with many people instead of 12. Misunderstand me right, I really like having P.E with the girls in my class, I just think that sports are more fun when a lot of people are playing. After 11 years of having mixed (and at least 25+ people) going to only 12 girls gives less variation and less aggressiveness. Then for some reason the sport hall is divided into sections, I figured we were gonna warm up separately or something, I was wrong. Turns out the boys didn't want to play volleyball with the girls. Turns out it was too b o r i n g.

Checked my dictionary for a definition. There you go.

I know that here I have been a little bit more quiet than I normally would be. But that's because I don't know this culture as good, and I try to tread carefully so not to offend anyone. This however doesn't change that I'm still the same, easily triggered Sunny, and there aren't too many things that fire me up as easily as this kind of thing. I think the boys in my class is a decent gang, this is and will probs be my impression of them, but, this I found a bit obnoxious and stuck-up.

An overlook of the fjord in my town. You don't see that much of the town itself, and it's not the view from my house (I live a looot more to the left), but this is and will always be my hometown. Where I grew up, and hopefully where I'll be buried (yes, I've given it that much thought, I wanna be buried in my hometown, but first in about 150 years or so..)

Then there's another thing I've been thinking about lately. I think it was last week (or the week before) when we talked about expats and stuff in English. Then the question of feeling at home in a different country popped up, and my teacher asked me. I told him no, I don't feel at home here. I do however feel very welcome and comfortable here, but as they say, Home is where the heart is, and it seems like I left a little bit too much of my heart in Norway. I might go out and say it; I risked everything coming here (dramaqueen-ish, but it's true). I left an absolutely amazing life in Norway (trust me, 2009 was the best) to come here and start blank. Why did I do this? I can't give a straight and completely honest answer. There has been so many times these last three months where I have sent thoughts to dear friends and asked myself "wtf?". But now I can feel that for every week, I feel more and more at home here in Glarus. People greet me on the streets, I'm starting to get a preeetty good control of the language and as soon as the snow starts falling I'll have something to do.

But being an exchange student is very hard, no one said it was gonna be easy, but so far I've had many ups and downs, and I'm guessing that in exactly one month isn't gonna be any easier. Christmas is my fav holiday. I like christmas better than I like my birthday. It just does something with me. So this year's gonna be very hard, I just have to try my best to be positive and think about how lucky I am doing this. I'm just dreading it a little bit. A little

Imagine how it feels like having a piece of your heart this far away from you. I know that I am lucky, and I try very hard not to think about people at home and get more and more used to the thought of living here and just enjoying it for the short time it lasts. But globalization has made all this forgetting a lot harder.

Next time I'll be funny, I promise.
I'd also like to thank all the people that have been nice enough to give me such awesome comments on how they like my blog! This does mean a lot to me, and it makes it a lot easier to write (because it gives me the impression that anyone is reading)!

Cheers for now


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  1. srly!? HE dei delt gym? noke so teit, og kjedelig!! Forstår frustrasjonen din!
    Åh, ej savna dej sån! He so lyst å klemme dej når ej lese bloggen din!! Og berre så du veit det, ej digga bloggen din, elska å lese at du he det bra, og ste på! :)))

    Love u hon <3
    kos Stephanie

  2. I really liked this article. I think it's a great thing to go and say honestly that living abroad is not such an easy thing. I remember when I was little and moved from Paris to Nice, it took me almost two years to get settled and begin to actually feel like home. And I always will be a Paris girl, no matter what.

    Morevover, that happened in the same country! I mean, I bet that moving a thousand miles away in another country with another culture, language, etc ... Must be much more harder than what I did!

    That's why I wanted to say : props to you! And I really hope you get better, enjoy your year in Switzerland, and have fun before going back to Norway!

    P.S: About what happened in P.E, you were the one who just made me realize that separating boys and girls in P.E was stupid and not normal at all. I mean in France they do the exact same thing (and boys usually have the same reaction) and since that's the way I was raised, I had never questionned it before. Which is weird because I'm a real feminist so yeah... Hard to believe lol.


  3. Bloggen din e kjempegøy å lese, du e so flink å skrive! Og den e veldi Solveig, nåkke som e særs bra! ;);)
    Delt gym, so teit?! De må bli ditt store prosjekt der nede, overbevise Sveits om at de e heilt feil. Demonstrasjona og styr, you can do it!!;

    Håpe alt bli lettare for dej ette kvart:) Du e tøff!;) - Elise

  4. Delt gym:O Teit!
    Eni me Elise! ;) So kanskje du kjem i historie bøke om å ha forandra sveits sitt syn på gym;D Heheh!:P

    Ej lure btw på noke, noke teit og litt flaut :Ø
    Men såg du Hannah montana marathon for ei LANG stond sida? på D.Channel! For der va kjempe mange nye episode! og ja, ej koste mej! :$ so tenkte ej kanskje om du hadde sett de! for du lika hannah montana? sist ej skjekka :P trur ej :S Og he du fresten? :P :$:$:)
    *Flau* ^^ :D


  5. Stå på Solveig :) Vi savner deg alle her også.Alltid koselig å lese bloggen din enten d er morro stoff eller ikke,så ikke slutt å skrive.E ikke så flink til å kommentere jeg da,men er ofte innom for å se om du har skrevet nye innlegg.
    I dag reiste Lasse til Harstad så nå krysser fi fingrene og håper d går bra for han :)
    E helt enig med deg at hjem alltid vil være i Norge selv om det alltid er kjekt å få oppleve nye plasser.Du har jo fått en kjempemulighet no som ikke alle får,så ta godt vare på den.Dette blir et år du vil huske for resten av livet:)og snart e du kommet halveis.Synes du e kjempeflink Solveig,vi tenker på deg:)
    Gleder meg til nye innlegg;)
    Klem fra Heidi :)