(Made up a word!)

Have no idea how this is even possible, but even though I'm doing
nothing everyday, I still don't have time to do anything. I mean, I use forever to do stuff that normally I don't think about. Like homework - takes forever (and I end up doing it 50%), cleaning my (tiny) room - takes forever, finding something to wear - still not satisfies! (I miss my wardrobe, damnit!) Mommy? If you read this, there is supposed to be this small, completely simple, black skirt laying around somewhere in my wardrobe. If you find it, I would be very thankful. Also, need more woolen tights! (this is where I insert a heart for both my mum and for woolen tights)

I hope you get that the heart is more for my mum than for my woolen tights, I love my mum much more, clearly, but she knows that.

So today it's Friday and I'm going to meet people and actually do something. Woopwoop. I will soon give you a long, pondering, deep, intellectual and reflected post, I just need time to sit down and be pondering, deep, intellectual and reflected (requires tea and a certain type of music and it kinda has to be Sunday too..).

I've listened to this song a gazillion times lately. I loove it!

Well, everything is doing great, just need some more sports (I miss swimming so much, I'm at a loss for words). I'll get that working soon (might start dancing, and with some gymnastics, trying new stuff).

(or at least until Sunday)


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