I seriously just sneezed like consecutively for 3 minutes (it doesn't sound like a lot, but just wait for it). So for 3 whole minutes I was completely unable to do anything. It was awesome. I love sneezing, however strange that sounds. Because I hardly ever sneeze. So when I actually do sneeze it's like the greatest relieve evur. You know the feeling you get when you know a sneeze is coming, and then you can't sneeze? This feeling ranks very high on my list of things I wish never happened.

Sneezing while you're walking is always funny. Because you just can't control your body. Kudos to the photographer for catching such a sacred moment!

Anyways, I don't remember what I planned on writing. I had a really good idea on the train today. Oh yeah, Trains! Trains, what are they? What do they do? How do they function (I'm sure Wikipedia can fill you in on this, I cba)? What do they mean to me?

This is a train. But not any train, oh no. It's thee Glarnersprinter! I like this train.

Well, I've always been a train person. Actually, anything but car is good enough for me. I kinda need the option of being able to move, be this on a bus, boat, horseback or bicycle (I'll admit that the third option doesn't really happen at all, I just needed a word that didn't start with a 'b'). Sneezed yet again. And in Norway there is pretty much no such thing as a train. Sure, we've heard of it, but it only exists in these big places. Where I live we're still amazed at how electricity works. Here, on the other hand, trains are everywhere. Not only trains, but also busses! Public transportation actually means transportation here (and not "we'll bring some people, sometimes, from A to B, C you gotta do on your own"). I love it. I also love the fact that there are always newspapers lying around on the train, where I can tear out the sudoku and have something to make time pass (maybe I'll show my collection sometime (read:when I one day clean out my wallet)) gosh, I love double parentheses! Actually, I've got nothing smart to say today. I just needed something to do so that I wouldn't fall asleep. So I share some funny photos (under here somewhere) and good songs I want to share with the world (read: the 6-7 people who read my blog).

I seriously recommend to google the word sneeze, sneezing or something like that. I found soo many hilarious photos. And this one kinda looks like me too (but I don't spit when I sneeze. I hope)!

I'm doing just great, I've caught a cold, but please, it would be weirder if I didn't catch a cold than that I've caught one. Everything is just super (wow, SUPER. That was gay). I can't really explain it. School is great, people are great, family is great, Switzerland is great. Did I btw tell about how I managed to get a 4,5 (which apparently is reaally good) in maths? Sneezed. I have no idea how I managed that, but somehow I did (alright, so he only graded me 50% seeing as I only did 50% of the test, but the other half was text stuff, and my teacher didn't really expect me to do that).

Aaha, I have no words. Sneezing *insert heart here*

AND, this is a shout going out to my friend Randi Elise. She is probably the cutest person alive, and the fact that she reads my blog and gives me cute comments all the time (despite the fact that she doesn't have Facebook (how is that even possible?)) makes me soo happy! I miss the way we would always do nothing in science (e.g make silly photos, play tetris, facebook..), and how she's always been my snowboarding buddy (seriously, for like.. 6 years or something)! It's gonna be so strange having a winter where she doesn't text me every other day and asks me if I've got enough time to go snowboarding! I miss you sweetie! <3

This is a photo of me and Randi one time in Science. She fed me a watermelon and since I had overslept and didn't have time to eat breakfast OR shave, I was soooo happy!

This is bus drivers in Norway. Here they are all quite nice.


Hahaha, I love these comics. I just. Love them.

Three other things I love. These songs are first; funny and cool. Then comes a sweet one, and then a cool and good one. Sadly for some, two of them are in Norwegian. WEELL WELL
Tungtvann - Mor du e hot Taylor Swift - You're not sorry Karpe Diem - Hat&Love

Cheers for now!


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  1. haha, ej naus faktisk når ej las ditta!! Utrulig vittige bilde!


  2. Hahah :D Nice bilde!! og teksta under :Ø Savna Ditta ja! ;D Vi skal ta snowboard og alt igjen i tredje vettu!! ;p

    Og alle veit at face suge;) og at å kommentere på blogga e kult! ^^

    De e uber deili å nyse! utenom viss du e tett i nasa :Ø då bli de slik som på bilde :$ :Ø

    **Savna dej me! <3** (prøvde å legge me et bilde frå N&M men de gjekk ikkje :P men de såg ikkje ut som vi gjore so mykje vetigt:Ø)

  3. Haha, for et fantstisk herlig innlegg! Steik kor bra du e nabo! Og so utrulig kjekt aa hore at alt gaar so bra :D

  4. Www.Youtube.com/watch?v=AiVpSSkwPU4&feature=related

    Ah-choo-HAH, got you all in check!