Congratulations Susanne!

Today one of my closest friends had her birthday! She is leaving for Costa Rica for two years as a student on a UWC, so we made her a sort of album to remind her of us back home (even though I'll be gone next year as well). She celebrated this weekend, but because of some.. ahum, delays, me and Maris didn't manage to get it done (or even started) Thursday, and since my boy was here all weekend, there was no way I was gonna get anything done Fri or Sat. So yesterday we dived in and after 5 hilarious, hectic hours with improvisation and silly jokes, we came up with the result, and I daresay; we were damn proud.

The front of the book.

The three of us!

We made and alphabet about her, and things we associate with her

One of the best pages, indeed! The part of education I came up with on my own! (I might have read it somewhere, but didn't take it from there deliberately)

Me and Maris eating our breakfail during our trip to London.

She is a HP fan, and we took this photo in London, and hell yeah, that is the best Nimbus 2000 broom ever drawn! (made by Maris )

All in all, it was a great weekend, and a nice present (she was very happy).

Cheers for now


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  1. VERY HAPPY INDEED!! Tusen takk :D:D