Summer mode

Ah, I can tell summer is really here. The days last forever, I don't feel like I'm doing anything, but when I lean back with my Mac (loveit) at night and think about it. I hardly sit still!

Oh dear God I miss the Philippines! It's like my second home from home (or third or fourth or something, but still a home!)! But I think this will be a really good summer even without a trip there!

The last days have been so decent I don't know how to begin. Everything has been splendid; the weather, the people, the mood, the plans. The only thing missing is my boy. But it's only about a week until I will see him again, and that's something we're looking forward to indeed.

I cba to sum up my last few days (ask if you are interested) but today I went to Rotsethornet with Maris and Andy (and D-boy met us half-way down). The trip can be described with one word; sound. And my legs are well tired, because almost the minute I got home I had time for a shower, 30 minutes of chill before I got ready to go out and hang with my gurlz. Which was sweet as always, but I went home early because I was soo tired, and I'm getting up early tomorrow to paint for my Grandma (which I love way more than my Mac).

Hellz yeah, we climbed this bitch, and that makes it my second mountain this week!

What else has happened? Yes! The king of pop is dead. And to me (as a life-long fan) is devastating. At first I didn't even know whether to believe it or to cry. I'm soo upset. I have so many memories from that man, and now he's gone. I can finally understand how the generation a few years older than me felt when they lost the Beatles, how rockers felt when they lost Elvis, because now we've lost Michael. He will never be gone, because the memories of everything he did (good and/or bad) will live on forever in his music.

I'd appreciate it if you took a minute to salute him in your own way. I will do so sometime later.

I've been shaking my ass and bursting my vocals to his beats since I could. He has a song for every occasion, every mood, everything! May he rest in peace.

..and now to something completely different;
As I've mentioned, there won't be much posting during summer. I've got a life, and a skin that desperately needs a summer tan (and I'm already nearly there! Which for me is amazing! (you really have no idea, I'm the palest non-albino kid you'll ever meet during winter))! Don't spend your summer inside and in front of the computer, that's what school nights are for! Go out and dance, if it's sunny dance in your bikini and get tanned, and if it's raining you should go out dancing anywho! Take a hot shower later!

Cheers for now


And btw; My dear friend (and neighbour) Susanne has now got herself a blog! For you Norwegian speaking guys and dolls out there; follow her as she commences her two years in Costa Rica at a United World College! Read her blog here !

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  1. Nice article and don't worry I mean everyone's got a life lol ;)