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Today was my very last day of the 1st grade. And in 59 days I'm sitting on an airplane to Switzerland with butterflies in my stomach and probs a gazillion thoughts running around in my mind. Expectations, excitement, fear, nervousness and all the emotions one can't prepare to feel.

I don't know what to feel about being done with 1st, the same way I don't know what to feel about this photo. It's cool, but still a bit sad/scary.

I started pondering what I'm gonna miss when I'm gone, and then that turned into me pondering about a lot of different things (and then I just had a sudden urge to clean up my room a bit and tore out everything in my cupboards and threw out a lot of shit, yea). So I decided to make a lot of small lists. First of all because I'm quite bored because I can't go see Jeff because I saw her yesterday and I'll be going over there tomorrow.. Thur, Fri, Sat and Sun (and my impression otherwise is that everyone has something important to do). And this is also my blog, so I'll do whatever I feel like..!

I'm putting this photo up just to prove my point. My blog.

So here are many lists, woop woop!

5 things I'm scared of;
Some I know (and or love) dying
Crossing wooden bridges in tiny (or huge) forests when it's really dark
Flying (but my passion for traveling sort of manages to keep this one under control)
Losing my voice forever (I love talking)

5 things that annoy me;
People with loud ringtones
Old women who try to cut in line (in anything) because they think they have such a right (this has only happened to me with women. Never men)
When people are late and don't apologize (as if they have the right to be late)
"Know it all"s
People who laugh at On the edge jokes that are far out there

I needed to put up the baby as well. Haahaha, reminds me of me (not when I was a baby, but how I am now).

Silly games is what I do good!

5 things I do when I'm bored;
write lists
play cool internet games/things (links further down!)
clean my room
read a book/watch a movie
stare at a wall and hope something exiting will happen
(I do a lot more, but I decided for 5 so..)

All of a sudden I have friends and got plans, so here are some funny games for you people who are as lame as me! Hurray!

Sushi Go Round ; for those of you who can remember things and like small people who eat the same food over and over again (I've solved this multiple times).

Speed ; for those who are like Lucky Luke but don't like shooting people (made it to lever 14, yeeahahahhhh)!

Sveerz ; haha, this is just very random. But charming.

Speedtest ; find out whether or not you spend too much time in front of the computer.

Countries of the world ; how are your geography skillz? Mine were good, not so good anymore. But Sporcle in general makes time fly!

Tetris Marathon ; the queen (which is better than the king, since the queen gives birth to the heir/heiress) of all games!!

Cheers for now


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  1. Okay I COMPLETLY agree on old women always trying to cut the line. As a kid they were always skipping me and then saying "oh sorry I thought you weren't doing the line" or "oh sorry I thoight you were with that man other there" and I couldn't say anything because, well, I was a 7 years old kid but now when they do it I just start making a scandal ! It's kind of my REVENGE! lol

  2. Haha, totally agree. And when I claim my rightful place back in the line (because I was in front of them right), they look really ugly at me like "who do you think you are?" -_____-