I've cut my hair. I'm gonna laugh a bit and then cry a bit. We'll see. My baby doesn't know, and I'm going up there to see him this weekend. HILARIOUS.. or it could be. I dunno yet.
I'm gonna have to go get it done professionally. Because I look like a kid. And that means I'm gonna cut it shorter. But first I'll walk around looking like a 2$ haircut. I don't mind (I do. I want real short hair really, because I'd rather look a bit chunky than a little boy).

Got vids:

This is just to show how long my hair was before. I'm already regretting it. Like A LOT. As I'm sitting here, writing. I wanna run upstairs, take all my hair out of the bin and glue it back to my head. I kinda hate myself (I'm like this eeeverytime I change anything).

I had to post this just because of the face!

Just to show you why you shouldn't cut your own hair..

Close to the finishing results. When you look like an idiot you compensate by acting like one..!

Not satisfied at all. I'm defo seeing a hair dresser. Or someone who can see the back of my head while they're cutting my hair. Geez.. It's gonna get even shorter, isn't it?

..I look like a man.

Cheers for now
(I'm going to cry myself to bed and hope I feel better in the morning)


4 kommentarer:

  1. Yeah you're gonna get even shorter but still I think it fits you. I mean it's not that bad!

  2. It doesn't look to bad, and I'm sure the hairdresser can fix it up a bit! If not you can try exctantions.. Just saying!

  3. HAHAHA:D elska dej^^

    Anne Marta

  4. I've cooled off now, and more used to it. Going to cut it with a hairdresser in two days. So I'll get it cut right.

    Hehehehehe, thankyou Maaaaartyyyy :D