The end

So that's it. My last competition ever.. over. It's like an end (or perhaps a beginning?). I can still picture myself in the 6th grade (about 11 years old) when I dreamed of becoming the best. And I think I had a fair share of talent, and I could've come a lot further than I have. Which is probably the worst part. But this is how it is; now I'm just gonna swim for the one reason; I love swimming!

It was a nice weekend; socially wise. Sport's wise I blowed. I doubt I've ever done as poorly as I did this weekend. But I guess one can't win them all, and going out with a blow was my style - a low-blow that is. Either way, I'm sorta happy and relieved that I'm done with all this stress now, I don't have to have that friggin' nervous feeling anymore. And yet I'm a bit sad, because going to competitions are fun, and I do enjoy it I have a lot of friends there now (and a boyfriend, lol). Not satisfied at all (with the results that it, very satisfied with the boy!). But I'm done, so that's that.

Sooo, over to something completely different; I've found out that my departure date to Swiss is 21st of August. That's insane, haha, I leave in 68 days. Better start planning what I can bring, I guess.

How was your weekend?

Cheers for now


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