I'm not gonna be one of those who apologize every time it takes me a few days to post anything here, because it's pretty much summer now, and I have a life (besides, the people who read this are pretty much my friends++ and they already know me and what I do).

I had a great weekend! I was with my babe from Thursday to Sunday (which was needed, since now I won't be seeing him before around the 7th!) and everything was fab. The weather was great, the wallet was great and the mood was great (I've grown accustomed to my hair now, but I'm going to a hairdresser tomorrow to get it fixed). I came up early on Thursday, so we had the entire day, which was nice, because normally I come late in the evening and we eat and sit up a short while before we tuck in.

I had loads of fun, even though we didn't do anything super special. We played monopoly and pool, saw some films, went to the city thing (which wasn't all to great of a city. Charming though, but too windyyy) and really just didn't do anything special, but had fun.

This is Zante. Somewhere, don't know where. Joel put me to the idea, and I'm going here sometime.

Tomorrow is the veery last day of school. And I like the thought of me not going back there (for school) in over a year, is soooo decent. Have no particular plans for the summer. I'm going to Oslo in a week to be with Jeff. We're going to Tusenfryd! And then the rest of the summer I have some plans which aren't completely set yet. I think I'm gonna spend as much time with my babe as possible.

Cheers for now


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