Do you remember the first time you had to buy your own tampons? How you had to have them as soon as possible, and for some reason you couldn't call mum and have her buy it? You became really nervous and a man just had to be managing the counter? Then you buy it, and it seems the man is more embarrassed than you are, and after that it's alright.

Well, today I had to take a trip to the pharmacy to get something one doesn't really want to buy. It was in the prescription-free line, and the pharmacy was relatively empty. At least I knew no one. So I go and tell the lady behind the counter what it is I desire, and luckily it's placed directly behind her. A hint of hope that this will go smoothly rushes through me in a polite smile. She places it on the counter and suddenly runs off somewhere, leaving me standing there.

It just lies there, in a very indiscreet package - type lime green and white - mocking me for a few minutes that seem like hours. She comes back and says "I was looking for a pamphlet but it seems like we're out." And then she looks up at me, and says something quite degrading to me. Or, well, it wasn't meant degrading but I was offended.

In the end everything went well.
How do you feel about buying things like this? Are you easily embarrassed or offended?

Cheers for now


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