Before I start this very loong post;
Should I start video blogging? I'm gonna do it next year when I'm in Swizz, but I dunno if I should start right away or not!

Starting off with a random picture I found hilarious:

I am now taking a break in my studies. Maths exam tomorrow. And I've decided to tell you about my weekend; because it was excellent! After this weekend it's actually occurred to me that I'm moving. To a different country. Where people don't know my culture, or I theirs. I don't know the language, norms, rules, customs or anything. It's so bloody exiting!

I started off 11 in the morning here. Flew to Oslo, waited three hours, felt like hell (still dunno what that was all about, but I was sweating, peeing, shaking and freezing all at the same time (peeing happened at the loo, ofc). Luckily it passed), and went to Stavanger. Spent two great hours with my friend Rebekka before I went to the meeting point. Met some of the guys there and felt a bit awkward, or, I was still shaky, sweaty, head ache'y and I swear if it wasn't for the bus ride I had dropped dead right there because I felt so dizzy.

Our camp..house--thing.

Anyways, we took the bus to this other place, where we met some more people and took the bus further away from civilization to a farm where some people came and drove our bags to the camp site, and we had to walk - at least until they returned and we got a hike! On this bus trip/walk I got to know Karoline, a really sweet girl from Kristiansand who is going to France. We shared a room at the camp site, together with Sara and Ida. Great fun!

Mads (green) and Johannes. Two boys with what seemed like an endless amount of energy and laughter!

When we arrived, we had plenty of games where we introduced ourselves and started to get to know each other. It was a lot more fun that expected. Camps and games is something I combine with my days in the Christian scouts and Christian choir trips, but no! This was hilarious, and I had a blast playing games like a kid.

The first night when we played mafia. I got killed first. Heah.

More fun and games!

Waiting to play more games!

Haha, hug tag! If you're taken, someone has to hug you to free you! Best tag ever!

On Saturday we had a bit more serious-play-serious-play thing where we sat down in groups and talked (with game interludes) about things we had to be prepared for next year, asked questions and sometimes just did the complete opposites of what we were supposed to do. Like this:

This is how we take notes.

And Saturday night we had this insanely weird ritual thing, they called it albatross. If it rings a bell then you know what it is I'm talking about. I sat on my knees for two hours, and when we were done I couldn't stand up, which was very amusing at the same time as it was extremely horrible (I was scared I would never walk again!.. but it took about 5 min).

When I'm given a pencil and a piece of paper.

I don't know what more I can say about the weekend apart from my trip home. Dear holy buttfucking christ. I'm serious, for me, traveling is stressful enough. When something goes wrong when I'm out and about, it's like a frame holding up my sanity just crashes. And this happened Sunday. I was supposed to land on an airport about 2 hours from where I live around 9pm. This way I would be home safe and sound right before midnight. But nooo, my airplane was delayed with an hour, and then an hour and a half before it took off from Bergen - where we were supposed to only have a 10 min landing and then take off again. We land at the airport around a quarter to 11pm and I'm weeeell stressed out; my bus has already left, I dunno how the hell to get of the island and the tunnels are closed. Thank God I have my dad ( <3>

So things are cleared, I take the bus across the lake-thingy and a taxi will pick me up and drive me home on the agency's tab. But heeeeeey, the ferry had problems. Another half hour of delays. I was well pissed when I finally found my taxi and was prepared to sit two uncomfortable hours with someone I didn't know. But karma is great and gave me the best taxi driver ever! He never stopped talking, was funny, interested and fond of playing Queen pop songs very loudly. It made the rest of the trip alright - as did the fact that Scandinavian Airlines had to pay 2600,- to get me home that night - and even though I came home about 02pm I had made yet another new friend this weekend: Vebjørn the taxi driver.


All in all I'm beginning to become more anxious, excited, scared, happy, I mean, I literally don't know anything about next year. It's half the excitement, but still. I dunno how I'm supposed to feel about leaving, I mean, it's gonna be extremely tough leaving everyone for a year. And I've been dumb enough to get me a (very very very sweeeet) boyfriend pretty much right before I leave. And all my friends and everything. I think I'm gonna have to put all my feelings aside until I'm de-stressed and ready for lazy summer days and nights. In other words I'll have a look at my feelings in a week or two, perhaps they're sorted out by then!

'til then it'll be more or less the very serious type of posts I've had earlier, yuss.

How was your weekend?



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  1. I sat at home the whole weekend, loling and waiting for you to return to your humble, rainy, small Volda :D MWEEE and I ate a l o t of strawberries :) I LOVE SPRING


  3. På norsk: Sara er enig!! en herlig helg :)