Today we had presentations in English (which means I've only got my maths test this Wednesday before we're pretty much done before the summer). And three of the guys in my class had about Australia (yeah, English isn't exactly hard in Norway, so the level isn't too high - we were allowed to have an oral presentation about whatever we liked. Which makes things a lot easier since 60% of the people can just perform something they've had before). And they mentioned some animals that were typical for Australia. And I started pondering; what the hell is my favorite animal?

I've narrowed it down to these;

Tigers because they're so majestic.

Simply because of Finding Nemo. That's the way I think of turtle's, totally relaxed and laid back, but still excellent swimmers and soooo kind.

Playful childish fuckers. A lot like children, which I also adore.

I've always liked elephants. I don't know why, but that's just how it is.

I actually love all kind of animals, even those I don't find all too attractive and cozy (like alligators and snakes and birds) I love. But I wouldn't hug 'em. No way.
These I'd hug and take care of forever though:

What is your favorite animal?

Cheers for now


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