Hairy mess.

I'm dying (being melodramatic, thnxx). I'm changing as a person, and I need something new; I have to change my hair. I'm pretty torn though; short, keep it long? Something crazy? The usual? Whattodoooo. I swear I'll be fifty before I know how to decide this on my own.

This is pretty much how I wear my hair now a days:

Messy and up in a bundle.
Let's say it like this (just to illustrate how desperately I need change); every time I let my hair down, people ask me if I've always had this long hair or if I wear extensions.

I've got like lots of photos with different hairstyles. But being lazy as I am, if I'm actually gonna get a haircut, I'm gonna need something that doesn't need to much styling. E.g, no way am I ever gonna curl or straighten my hair everyday, I avoid hair products if I can and the hair asseccory I use are headbands, scrunchies and sometimes hairpins (if I can be arsed, which is rare)


A style where I can do both of these, would be awesome. I can look stylish (as stylish as Sunny can be, at least) for family events, hardcore for going out, and if I sleep with wet hair I bet I'll look alright for school.

The one at the left is well daring, but I think it still looks cool. Only problem is I'd have to cut my hair a lot with the hairdressers, which is often avoided purposely. The one on the right is something I've been pondering to do for months, but I'm not sure if my face/body can pull of that length.

Pretty much the same with these two. I guess it's obvious that I want something I can sort of rough up, but I still want to be able to look formal/presentable.

Since I'm not sure if I can pull off short hair because I have kind of a butch and athletic built body and I'm afraid of looking like a man. A mix of these two would be nice, I'd have length, but still the possibility of being soft and cute when needed.

Again, the short hair. I want something that is chopped and a bit layered like this. Because then it wouldn't be hard styling it. And, well, I suck at styling hair and I'm well lazy in the mornings, I need something easy but sound.

I'd like the length and style of the one to the right, but the style of the one to the left as the top, or whatnot.

I liked the back of this one. And the bangs to the one on the right, but I'm afraid both will need too much maintenance ;_;

I've also considered that the thing is that I AM too lazy, and if I just kicked myself in the be-hind and started making an effort, I might not have to get a haircut at all.

More possibilities.

Yes, I want to be glamorous, gracious and classic sometimes as well. This is the reason why I want to keep my length, because hairstyles like this look gorgeous.

If I just trim myself a little bit (yes, I'd rather blame myself than any other person), something around one of these hairstyles are a possibility. But if I do that the opportunity of being gracious sort of disappears.

If I get my bangs back the one to the left is a possibility, and if my bangs aren't too long I can also do the one to the right is also possible. It would require some sort of perm, though, since my hair is straight and fuckingly boring naturally.

I dunno how I'm gonna do the one on the left, because my hair isn't that thick. And considering the one to the right, no, not gonna cut it like that, but the same style. I'm pretty sure that if I'm inventive and optimistic enough I'll find a way to do something similar at least.

I reaaaaally want curls. In that way. Real bad.

A length that would be able to provide me with both a bit rough hair at the same time as gracious (to a certain degree). But I don't think it's neither rough or gracious enough.

These are simple. Especially the one to the left, since I have a gazillion headbands by now. Only thing is that my head is too round and my hair to shitty to be that straight. Soo, mrs Right side here is better. It will probably require me getting up 5 am just to fix it, but I'm sure it'll look alright if I just get it right.

So I need help, severely.
Advice taken, thankyou.

Just for the fun of it

Cheers for now

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  1. Ej synst du burde ta nr.7, bare lenger bake. Panneluggen ekje so mykje å fikse på, bare litt voks. Ej e so stolt av dej, det e LENGE sida du faktisk he vurdert (som ej he fått med mej) å få en ny frisyre. Om du ikkje teke nr.7 teke ej den! Btw, kor du fant frisyrene? Kyss Jeffey <3<3<3<3<3