More hair

Alright, I've come no closer when it comes to the hair issue. I'm waaay too unsure what I should do, when I should do it or where/how I should do it! However I have come to this, where I beg of you to pleaaase give me advice, please?

Should I cut it short/shorter?

Or keep it long? And if this is the case, tell me what I can do to get at least some change. I've considered perhaps taking a perm, but I'm not sure I'd like having curls constantly or not..

Either way, I'll tell more about the 17th sometime when I do. Cba to do it before I've got all the photos from yesterday and today anyways.

Cheers for now


5 kommentarer:

  1. Du ser alltid smashing ut, og håret ditt e nyyydelig. Likevel, viss du syns det begynne å bli kjedelig, så kan du jo godt klippe det? i's hair. det vokse ut igjen. :D

  2. Jommiiinn.. ej veit ikkje ka ej vil :(

  3. I think you should keep it long and go for a perm! I myself wanted to do it, but then I cutted my hair to short for curls.. Think you would look great, maybe big curls and not tiny.. Big curls are more sexy.

  4. rihanna bob:D:D

    anne martyy