Well, tonight was the 16th of May. The one day where the police decides that watching the drunk youth of Norway is better than trying to arrest any underage or well too drunk people. Today was also the Eurovision song contest final. And for the first time in 24 years, Norway won! I got the news 00:01 a clock, which means that to me, we won Eurovision on our National Holiday. Which is awesome.

Sucks that when Eurovision is to be held in Norway next year, I'll be lol'ing off in Switzerland not being able to be there. Perhaps I can beg AFS on my knees to travel off there and pretend to be a tourist (or I'll get a family who are Eurovision-blessed and decides to use me as an excuse to go see it. Even though I know I'll just have to be patient and wait another 20-30 years for a new decent Eurovision song from Norway).

Anywhooo, it's 02:51 and I'm getting up at 08:00 to walk in the parade tomorrow (in my Bunad!).
Lovely pictures of my lovely evening will come later on.

Apart from that I'd like to congratulate Alexander Rybak for becoming the most loved man in Norway for the next couple of days/weeks/months/years.

Cheers for now


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  1. Noreg vann faktisk i 1995 også, men HURRA uansett :DD

  2. Hehe, ooops! Vente 14 år da :)